Interstate Movers Launceston

Some interstate removals are difficult for the customer because they do not understand the terms of the agreement or the amount of money that is involved with the deal. We at Holloway removals supply the customer with the quotes up front. Simply complete the form on the website, and we will supply you with a quote. Simply contact us via the website, if you have any questions.


Perhaps, you are worried about moving the contents of your house to your new location. Well, we are prepared to provide the type of service that easily transfers your furniture to your new home. The fact is that interstate backloading is one of our specialties. This type of service cuts down moving expenses because the customer shares the truck with another customer. Don't be concerned, we still provide top priority to both.


Our experienced interstate removalists Launceston team members are very adept at moving vehicles and motorbikes. Our well-trained team will transport your vehicles over the interstate and they will arrive in pristine condition. We deliver services that you can depend on.

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Big ticket items are difficult to transport for some interstate removals. However, our company has plenty of experience transporting large items like pianos. We will easily transport your piano to your new location because we have the expertise, tools, and equipment to carry out the move. In fact, we have a wide variety of piano removal cradles that are perfect for the job. We know the ropes and are good at transporting pianos to pool tables. In fact, we are called upon by numerous companies, manufacturers, and retailers, to transport their large items.


Are you stressing about having their proper packaging and equipment on hand? Select one of our pre-packaging service plans to end the stress. We will provide packaging and pack all your items. After the interstate removals staff delivers your items, we unpack the items, at your new location. All items are packed in very durable boxes and arrive safely. Those only interested in cost of removals are welcome to contact us for more information.


We also provide storage units for your vehicles or furniture. We have a large, state of the art, storage facility for your convenience. We would like to assure you that the storage facility is very secure. Store furniture in the units, Parking bays are provided for your vehicles, motorbikes, and campers. The storage area is ideal and secure for all your items.