We know how daunting it can be when moving.
Make your moving experience as easy as possible and your belongings as safe as possible by following our expert moving tips below:

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Moving Tips

  • Pack heavy items in small boxes.
  • Avoid overloading boxes. Leave a small gap that can be filled with crushed paper for cushioning, and then close the lid properly.
  • Stuff extra paper into empty corners and the gaps between items. Boxes shouldn’t rattle.
  • Wrap the bases of pot plants in plastic bags, then pack them closely together in an open-lidded cardboard box. Use crumpled newspaper to hold them in place.
  • Pack anything that can be easily scratched or damaged in blankets or bubble wrap. If you’re worried about fragile items, double box them.
  • Mirrors, paintings and glassware should also be wrapped with cardboard or bubble wrap.

  • When packing, label all the moving boxes as you go. Write the destination room on the top and sides to ensure it ends up in the right place. Note some of the most important items. Seriously, labels are awesome.
  • Make a box for on-arrival essentials. After we’ve finished stacking all those boxes in your lounge room, you might not feel like unpacking the whole house again just to unearth the kettle.
  • Consider packing a few items of cutlery, some cups, plates and tea bags in their own box. It’s also useful to have first night necessities such as toiletries and toilet paper, bath towels, bed sheets and tomorrow’s clothes ready to go.


Items such as refrigerators and washing machines should be prepared for moving according to their instruction manuals. Defrost the fridge at least a day before moving, and make sure there’s no excess water still in the washing machine. Secure the hoses according to the manufacturer’s instructions.

If you still have the old boxes, electronic equipment such as televisions, printers, and audio equipment are always best moved in the manufacturer’s original packaging.

Remove bulbs from lamps.

Zip-lock sandwich bags are useful for holding any small screws from things you’ll have to take apart, such as wall-mounted TVs or Ikea furniture.

And of course, don’t forget to say goodbye to
your neighbours!

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