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24 November, 2020

What Type of Removalist Do You Need? Finding the Right Team for Your Job

No matter how many times I’ve moved, the moving process always seems more challenging than I remembered. Packing, loading, transporting, unloading and unpacking all seem to take FOREVER. That’s why hiring a removal company appeals to so many; we love the idea of someone else dealing with all of the moving hassles. But, it can […]

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17 November, 2020

Packing and Moving Awkward Items – How to Get it Right

When it comes time to pack up your home in preparation for the big move, there are some items that pack up easily. Clothing? No problem. Children’s toys? Easy. But there are others that give any novice home packer pause, particularly large, bulky and strangely-shaped objects. Here is a list of common household items that […]

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10 November, 2020

Hiring Packers – Is it the Right Move for You?

We all know moving is a BIG DEAL. There are so many aspects to juggle: planning, preparing, packing, coordinating time off from work … and budgeting for moving services. As you research removalists, you’ll quickly learn they offer a wide variety of services. Once such service that is often overlooked is that of professional packers. […]

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