Crates and Skates

Crates and Skates

Hard and durable, the Holloway Crates offer better protection for your items with fewer risks of damage. Perfect for sensitive items and document, you can also put Manilla Folders in them.

On top of that, the Holloway Crates are easy to move around with the skates, allowing you to move the heaviest items such as books with no stress. There’s plenty of room as the size is about one of our large box. The crates have optional security tags if you need added security for your items.


Our crates and skates can be rented by the day and quantity.


Crates Skates
Week $4.50 $6

How to rent crates and skates

Contact us by email : or by calling us at 1300 702 689 to rent our crates and skates, depending on availability.

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