Interstate Movers Brisbane

Holloway Removals provide a variety of solutions when you're in need of furniture removal. Our website is designed to offer you a host of information on these solutions, and our easy-to-use quote form can give you a rough idea about the overall cost you might expect when using us. For further information about the services we offer, continue reading below.

The first main service we provide is interstate backloading, which is primarily for moving furniture between states. It is also designed so that you only have to pay for your share of space in the truck as opposed to an entire truck. We allocate space in our trucks for a number of clients, so depending on your needs you can share a truck with another client who also uses our service and cut costs dramatically.

Larger items such as pianos and pool tables are covered with this service as we have specific cradles that make transporting these heavier objects a breeze.

Another one of our main services is our interstate vehicle transport, which is the service we provide for car and motorcycle transport between states. So, for example, you would like to transport to your car to Queensland, our interstate removalists Brisbane staff will take care of all your needs.

We have experience with moving vehicles for a number of years and know just how important it is to take extra care when moving vehicles. A condition report is taken both before and after transport to ensure your vehicle is in the exact same state it was left in.

boxes ready to be moved to brisbane

We also offer storage units here are Holloway Removals for your storage needs. Our head office also serves as a huge storage facility, containing units for both your furniture and personal items, as well as parking bays for your cars, motorcycles, campers and even boats.

If you're in need of a pre-packing service we have you covered there too. We know how frustrating and stressful it can be trying to arrange a big move, so to relieve some of this stress you can simply ask our staff to help using our pre-packing service and we will take care of everything.

Overall if you're in need of a removal service you can't look past us here at Holloway Removals. We've been in the business for a number of years and pride ourselves on an extremely high standard when dealing with your personal items because we know just how important they are. For any questions or to find our contact information, please refer to our website.