Let our team do the heavy lifting

Set Your Business Up For Success With A Convenient Move

Our professional business relocation services help you get into your new office, retail space, clinic or warehouse faster and easier so you can minimise downtime and get back to doing business. With your very own dedicated project manager and a rigorous planning process, you can sit back with confidence knowing the heavy lifting is being handled.

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We’ve Got The Tools And The Team To Get Your Job Done

Our dedicated project managers are logistical experts in moving businesses and will make the whole experience feel straight forward and stress-free. We use an extensive range of professional equipment from trucks and trailers, trolleys, forklifts and cranes alongside our wide range of packing boxes. Combining our know-how with our extensive resources means your job will be handled efficiently every time.

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Our Extensive Planning Takes The Guesswork Out Of Your Move

We're not the kind of team to simply show up on the day and start moving boxes. Our dedicated project managers will guide you through the entire process of creating a strategic plan that's tailored to your business needs. You'll know exactly what stage your move is at and be able to plan your next business moves around your organised and efficient relocation.

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Business Relocation Services That Suit You

Our qualified and efficient commercial movers are the ultimate choice for businesses of all types and sizes. We've relocated some of Australia's largest companies, and we've been doing it for years. We've learnt a few tricks along the way, and we bring that knowledge, understanding and experience to your business relocation.

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We Move Businesses From All Industries

More than a decade of expertise and diverse experience within our team has seen us move a huge range of businesses, from retail businesses, offices, warehouse, medical suites, clinics and even interior design businesses, hotels and product distribution centres. We’ve got the logistical know to ensure whatever size of your business, your relocation is simple, smooth and as efficient as possible.

At Holloway removals we understand that the number one objective of your business relocation is efficiency and minimising downtime. Our team ensures your move is well thought out, well planned and well executed. Ensuring your business doesn’t skip a beat and your team have zero disruption.

Your business relocation starts with an office relocation specialist. The conduct a thorough consultation and site visit, leaving no stone unturned. Our full-service offering means that we go through every aspect of what is moving, what is staying and what is being disposed of.

We will run you through how we plan the move, how we help you with the equipment you need to pack and prepare, and how we relocate you on the day with blistering speed and unnerving efficiency.

We’ve relocated some of Australia’s largest companies, and we’ve been doing it for years. We’ve learnt a few tricks along the way and we bring that knowledge, understanding and experience to your business relocation.

When we say full service we mean it. We can:

  • Audit every desk, drawer, computer and storage room
  • Create a complete inventory of everything that stays, goes or gets scrappe
  • We provide all the moving equipment you need like crates and skates, dollys, monitor cages, blankets and straps.
  • We disassemble all the furniture and reassemble it at the other end
  • We take cabinetry off walls, dismantle desks and tables and make sure everything is refitted at your new location
  • We disconnect and reconnect AV equipment, TV screens, Speakers and teleconferencing systems
  • We can even help with end of lease cleaning and make goods
  • At your new office, we rebuild furniture, reconnect computers and networks, put the right chairs at the right desks and we even push them in
  • When your team walks in on Monday morning all they see is their new home ready to rock and roll


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