Property Styling Logistics



Holloway Removals in partnership with Bowerbird Interiors have now performed thousands of highly successful installs and removals in the Sydney area.


The Brief

Bowerbird Interiors approached Holloway in February 2018. Initially in need of a transport provider, the project took off and early on we identified they also required an operating system with highly trained and professional team. The logistics solution provided the teams to operate as the Bowerbird team including uniforms whilst driving the Bowerbird branded Fleet.


The Solution

The solution delivered reduced staffing issues, improved fleet management, training and onsite compliance, inventory management. The Property Styling Logistics Solution also consisted of designing and implementing, workflows on correct lifting and loading and WH&S that lead to increased efficiency with high volume furniture moves. A Holloway Logistics Manager was placed in-house at Bowerbird in order to manage all things transport and logistics. An inventory control appraisal was also conducted, we identified that improvements could be made in inventory control by cross-pollinating the pick and pack technology utilised in our existing Holloway warehouses.


The Outcome

The property styling logistics solution has allowed Bowerbird to not only save costs, increase furniture lifespan but to also focus back onto the business of property styling. To find out more about Bowerbird Interiors property styling visit their website bowerbirdinteriors.


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