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The Ultimate Moving Checklist By Holloway Removalists Sydney

Thinking about moving from one place to another can make people anxious and stressed. If you are also doing the same then you need to stop now. Stressing won’t do you any good. Instead, you need to create and follow a plan. Everything will be fine if you stay calm and follow the plan.

Don’t know how your plan should look like? Here’s a simplified checklist that begins two months prior to the moving day to ensure that you have ample time to plan and follow all the steps.


Eight Weeks Before the Move

  • You must begin the process of choosing a removalist company by checking their record over the internet by reading other people reviews.
  • The next step is to study the responsibilities of the removalists and list the tasks that you need to do yourself like moving perishables.
  • Classify your stuff into categories like items that need to be packed, donated, given to a friend or a relative or simple trash.
  • Measure each part of your new home and measure your existing furniture. Write down which furniture goes where and give that list to the removalists to ensure that they place it in the correct manner.


Four Weeks Before The Move

  • Inform everyone that you are moving. Apart from friends, neighbours and relatives you need to inform your post office, credit card companies, insurance companies, broker, car registration company, employer, magazines, mail order accounts, motor vehicles department etc.
  • Clean your new place so that you don’t move into a home full of dust or debris.
  • Transfer the school records of your kids.
  • Collate the medical and dental records of your family and change your doctor.
  • Ensure that you collect your pet’s vet information and records and make new tags for the pet as per the new address. Also, see to it that all your pets are micro-chipped and it correlates to a unique number that you intend to use after your move too.
  • Check the house owner’s insurance policies to ensure whether the moving costs are covered or not. Make sure that you insure your new home and get done with your personal property insurance stuff.
  • Start packing.


Three Weeks Before The Move

  • Arrange for discontinuing the current utilities/services and ensure that utilities have started-up in the new house. These include Cable TV, Telephone Service, Gas, Electricity, DSL/Cable for Internet Access, Babysitters, House Cleaning Service, Fuel Oil, Dog Walkers, Pool Service Providers, Gardeners, Water Connection, Diaper Service, Parking, Water Softener, etc. Make sure you get any and all security deposits and refunds.
  • Get all the appliances serviced and ready to ensure a smooth transfer.


Two Weeks Before The Move

  • Cancel the delivery of the newspaper.
  • Transfer the local bank account, clear your safety deposit box and get to know the process of getting new checks printed.
  • Refill all the prescriptions and transfer them to the pharmacy near your new home.
  • Get all your medical data from the doctors and vets.
  • Make arrangements for a pet sitter or babysitter for the time you are moving and can’t pay attention to the kids or pets.
  • Create a list of things the mover would not transfer like plants, perishables, etc. and make sure you know how you are going to transfer them.
  • Disassemble all the stuff that needs to be disassembled before the move. It can be stuff like shelving, closet system, etc.
  • Hire a reputable cleaning company to clean the place and collect your bond back. If your new house needs cleaning, make the crew work on the new house first and then clean the current one after you have taken all the stuff out.


One Week Before the Move

  • Pack an essentials box and keep it separately. It will contain all that stuff you will need to survive the first day. In may include medicines, clothes, toiletries, basic cooking stuff, plates & spoons, bulbs, etc. It would be smart if each member of the house has his or her essentials box or suitcase. They should be able to survive on it for a few days especially when your whole family is expected to be back to work and you won’t have much time for unpacking after the move.
  • Label each box with where it needs to go like bedroom dresser, kitchen cabinet etc. It will simplify the unpacking.
  • Be clear on how much packing the movers need to do and what you will do yourself so as to avoid any miscommunication.
  • Try to use all the food items prior to the moving day. Call an NGO and donate what you can’t eat yourself instead of hauling it to the new house.


Two Days Before The Move

  • Defrost and dry the refrigerators and freezers.
  • Get all your valuables in one place and pack them to take with you. It can include stuff like your personal documents, property related documents, antiques and jewellery.


The Big Day

How to Move Out?

  • Be there to guide the removalists on how to haul the stuff in the right manner.
  • Do not make any other plans. Keep the whole day reserved for moving.
  • Keep the payment of removalists on yourself and pay them promptly. Pay the people who are helping out like babysitters, doormen, cleaning team, etc.
  • After the stuff is hauled away, check every room personally to ensure that you leave nothing behind.
  • Turn off the lights, gas, taps, etc. and close all the doors and windows properly. If you are leaving it behind, make sure the security system is on.

How to Move In?

  • Make sure every box is placed in the right room and the fragile items are handled with care. Supervise the placement of furniture.
  • Ensure that none of your products are damaged, especially heavy goods like beds, sofas, washing machine, etc. If any box is crushed or anything is damaged, talk to the removalist team head and inspect the claims policy.
  • Check the truck to ensure that everything has been unloaded.
  • Settle in your new home, relax and don’t start stressing about unpacking. Pamper yourself, click some pictures and let your loved ones know that your move was successful.


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