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An Interview With Andy Holloway

We’ve hit 10,000 customers, and it’s an incredible milestone! A massive thank you to all the customers and people who’ve helped us along the way. We couldn’t be happier with where we are right now and from where we’ve come. To celebrate, we sat down with Holloway Removals’ founder, Andy Holloway, and looked back at the journey from moving drum kits in vans to 10,000 customers.

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1) When and where did the team start out?

We started out 8 years ago in my hometown area of Bondi.

2) How did Holloway Removals first begin?

I was buying and selling items on Gumtree and eBay and noticed the cost of delivery was pretty expensive, so I would pick up those items for myself. I was in a band at the time ‘Boris and the Benders’ and was constantly packing and moving my drum kit, so I was used to hauling things about.

After I while I realised I could help other people out by moving their Gumtree items for a lower cost, so I put out an ad for deliveries. We started moving vintage furniture and larger home items, and then a couple asked us to move their house for them – it just took off from there.

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3) How far has Holloway come? What are the removal and storage services like now?

We’ve come such a long way. We went from a small business working out of my home office to a shared space in Zetland with new clients storing their stuff in there. We then moved to a 1,000 square meter warehouse in Matraville and it just kept growing! We built up more commercial clients, then we had residential clients wanting to store furniture with us. Now we have three warehouses across Sydney and 100 customers per week. It’s amazing.

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4) What do you think have been some key factors to your success?

There are so many things. First and foremost, I think I was really lucky to have been blessed with hiring the right people. We’ve had some key players who have been magnificent from the start. From Leanne in Accounts to Jake in Marketing.

I also feel that we’ve been successful from the get-go because we really understand Sydneysiders. We know how to communicate with them and keep in touch with what they truly want and need from us, as a company. Not everyone understands customers like that, but we’re lucky enough that we’ve been able to tap into it.

We’ve had some help with online marketing from great agencies and people on the team. Finally, I think what it really comes down to is just delivering a great service. Really just loving the job and the industry of moving. It’s organised chaos but there’s never a boring day at the office. We love the fast pace of it. Being able to truly help people in their lives with a job well done is what we love.

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5) What does it mean to you to have 10,000 customers?

It’s just a massive milestone. When we first started we had 5 to 10 customers per week and were grateful that the business was busy. Now, we have 100 customers per week and we’re over the moon. We never planned to scale like this over time, it just happened naturally. It’s incredible.

Thank you to everyone for helping us get here, especially to our customers who have trusted us and supported us. From a home business to 15 trucks and 3 warehouses, it just means the world to us.

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6) What’s next for 2018 and beyond?

We’re looking to grow further and further, into interstate removals and storage services until we’re Australia wide. We think we can do it as well. We’ve got an amazing team here at Holloway Removals.

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