Frequently Asked Questions

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Common Questions

Unfortunately I am unable to tell you how long the job will take as there are many variables associated with your move such as travel, your contents and specifics around your premises such as stairs/lifts and parking.

However, we have a high functioning and high performing team that complete these jobs with the highest level of care and in the fastest way possible so you should not have anything to worry about.

Yes, removals have a 2 hour minimum charge, pre-packing and unpacking jobs have a 3 hour minimum charge and storage has a 1 month minimum charge.

Yes, this quote includes travel, petrol costs, labour, equipment and GST. In most cases tolls are covered, however, depending on the location and distance there may be discretional toll charges added to your final invoice.

The rate may change if you add additional items or services to the job requirements.

After the 2 hour minimum, you will be charged in 30 minute increments. For example, if your job takes 2 hours and 15 minutes, you will be billed for 2 hours and 30 minutes.

Yes, in some cases this is actually recommended or required. For larger jobs we would recommend an additional offsider or team to get the job done faster and jobs that have heavy items such as an upright piano or pool table will require at least 3 removalists.

We don't charge any extra for stairs or long walkways, but you should allow for a little more time to navigate large items up or down stairs.

If your move is on an hourly rate the answer is no, we require payment card details to be provided in order to book your job. However, nothing will be charged until the day of your job, after it has been completed.

If your move is a fixed price the answer is yes, we require a 50% deposit to be paid in order to allocate your team and truck to your job. The remaining balance will need to be paid prior to your move date.

We have a 48 hour cancellation/reschedule policy and require you to contact us over the phone during our business days between Monday to Saturday. If you cancel or reschedule with less than 24 hours notice you will be charged a 2 hour labour penalty based on the hourly rate quoted for your move.

With 1 business day notice, simply call our team to schedule a time/date to access your storage module. Module access is subject to availability as we have limited space in our warehouse and we may have a high number of customers wanting to access modules on the same day.

Holloway Storage Centre

Building C, 60 Perry St Matraville NSW 2036 (appointment only)

Holloway Storage Centre

27 Allen st, Wolli Creek NSW 2205

  • Monday to Friday - 7am to 4pm.
  • Saturday - 7am to 12pm.
  • Sunday - Closed.
  • Monday to Friday - 8am to 4pm.
  • Saturday - 8am to 12pm.
  • Sunday - Closed.

As per the industry standard, our moves are covered by standard public liability insurance as well as transit insurance for up to $100,000.

However, being an AFRA accredited removal and storage service we do have the ability to provide you with comprehensive insurance against accidental loss and damage, would you like me to provide you with a quote now?

This covers any third party damage to your items or our truck such as fire, theft, flooding, or third party causes to the truck rolling over during transit.

No, but as an AFRA accredited company, we do have the ability to quote and issue comprehensive insurance policies to cover your contents during their time in storage with us.

Yes! We do, our premiums are based on a micro percentage of the total value of your contents. Our insurance specialist Arianne, will be able to assist you with a quote for insurance, would you like to get her in contact with you?

We do offer different levels of insurance such as restricted coverage or full coverage. These are tailored based on your preferences, needs and specific items. However, it is best to discuss these specifications with Arianne as she is the best person to speak to.

Unfortunately this would not be covered if you do not have comprehensive insurance or have not declared specific items in your insurance policy. However, we can provide you with a quote for comprehensive coverage against this.

I am really sorry about your experience, this is not the usual standard of service we provide here. I am going to create a ticket for our Support Manager to look into this for you and discuss a resolution. Keely is the best person to handle these types of situations, you are in the best hands with her and can expect a response from her within 2 business days.

I am going to create a ticket for our Support Manager to look into this for you and discuss a resolution. Keely is the best person to handle these types of situations, you are in the best hands with her and can expect a response from her within 2 business days.

Yes! We do! Simply forward us the email quote sent to you by the other removalist company and we will look into it. If the quote is cheaper than ours, we will beat it.

Please bear in mind that we only price match with other AFRA accredited removal companies, AFRA stands for the Australian Furniture Removalist Association, it is exclusively for top tier, high performing removalist companies which is why we can only price match with those companies.

What Can or Can't You Move?

Yes, we move pianos, but only as part of a larger move and they can incur a surcharge. If you need to move a piano, please let us know in advance because we have specialty teams to keep your piano safe and secure during the move.

Yes, we do move pool tables, but only as part of a larger move and they require at least 4 removalists to lift safely.

We can move freestanding saunas and spas, but let us know in advance so we can have the right team and bring the right equipment with us.

Hoisting items over balconies is illegal which means we can't do this for our customers. However, if our team is able to touch the top and bottom of the item at the same time, the item is not too heavy and if it is not above the first floor then we can move it over the balcony.

In extreme circumstances you may need a special access team.

Yes, we can move your BBQ. Make sure your BBQ is clean or has a protective cover on it so your other things in the truck don't get sooty. And if it's a gas BBQ, please disconnect and remove the gas bottle.

No, we can't move or gas bottles as well as flammables and chemicals.

Yes, we can move pot plants, but they usually don't like being moved. That's why we recommend you don't water them for a few days before the move and give them an extra good watering afterwards.

Yes, we can move oversized dining tables, but we recommend you talk with your moving manager in advance. If it's a particularly heavy or complicated dining table, we may need to organise a custom solution.

We can and we do move oversized couches and other large furniture items of all kinds. Once again, speak with your moving manager so we can bring the right equipment to dismantle and / or get it out your front door.

No, we don't move any live animals in travel cages or out of them.

Yes, but you'll need written permission from the owner of the goods.

Yes, we won't move any item or material that could potentially be explosive, radioactive, hazardous or illegal.

Preparing for Your Move

We recommend you bubble wrap your paintings (and mirrors) and ease them into a picture box. If your paintings are too large for picture boxes, or you cannot source a picture box then let our removalists know: we can shrink wrap, protect them with special padding and secure them with furniture straps.

Yes, please empty all your drawers into boxes before your move – drawers have a tendency to spontaneously open and empty themselves on moving trucks.You can also tape or ask us to shrink wrap the drawers shut for added security.

It's preferable, but if it's a big ask, we'll settle for only emptying out the top 2 drawers of 4 drawer filing cabinets.

Yes, our movers can help you with most basic furniture dismantling and reassembly. That includes bed frames, bed headboards, shelving, desks and other standard residential and commercial furniture items. If you need more complex furniture disassembly, talk with your moving manager about our custom solutions.

Best practice when moving a fridge is to disconnect and defrost your fridge the night before, load all your food into a sturdy esky and clean and pack your glass shelving securely. More realistically, disconnect and empty everything out into a box at least one hour before the move starts.

Yes, we can usually assist you with a simple disconnection, but not if it's complicated or requires specialist plumbing equipment. We are also not allowed (legally) to reconnect your washing machine or dishwasher at the new address.

If you're game to do it yourself, we recommend you empty your washing machine / dishwasher before the move and disconnect the electricity. Then get a bucket and towel ready before you disconnect the hoses because there's often residual water left inside them. After all the water's emptied out, we can pad and wrap them up to prevent any external damage during the move.

Yes! We can take the TV off the wall bracket for you, but we can't remove or install the bracket itself.

Most microwaves have a removable glass plate inside. We recommend removing the plate from inside the microwave and packing it securely with your plates and dishes before the move.

We recommend wrapping your small appliances in bubble wrap before packing them tightly into boxes. If there's empty space in the box, you can even fill it with clothing, bedding or towels to get a tight, un-moveable fit.

Packing and Unpacking

That depends on how much stuff you have and its size, but here is a rough guide:

  • 1 - 2 bedroom home = Approximately 35 moving boxes
  • 2 - 3 bedroom home = Approximately 55 moving boxes
  • 3 - 4 bedroom home = Approximately 75 moving boxes

If you want a more accurate estimate, you are welcome to call our team.

We highly recommend you use proper moving boxes, even if they're not our boxes, because it's easier for our movers to stack and move the boxes if they are sturdy and standard sizes. And they also protect your precious belongings better! Ask our team about our box backs to help you prepare you for your move.

We recommend you mark or label your moving boxes clearly on at least 2 sides as you pack them. Each box should have either two or three labels showing:

  • 1. What's inside (ie. books, clothes, dishes, etc)
  • 2. Which room it belongs to (ie. living room, kitchen, office, etc)
  • 3. If it's fragile and if so, which end should be up on to.

Our removalists will be very careful with all your belongings, but if we know which boxes contain breakables, we can give them a whole lot more TLC. You can help by writing “fragile” on at least two sides of those boxes, or by using special fragile tape.

We can get them out of your way. Just strip off the tape and stack them flat. Then call our team to arrange a pick up.

Access and Parking

Arranging parking for the moving truck is fairly straightforward. If you live in a parking permit area, you can drop in to your council for a temporary or once-off visitor's permit. If not, we suggest you park your car across 2 parking spaces the night before. It might also be a good idea to inform your neighbours that you need the area clear for the removal truck in the morning.

We can work your moving schedule to coordinate with the clearway zone time.

Great! Loading docks often have low height restrictions that can be challenging for our team. If you need to book a loading dock please inform your movement manager of the height restriction so they can arrange a truck that works for this area.

A ferry vehicle is a vehicle smaller than a truck, such as a van or ute that can transport items in tricky areas that have low or narrow space restrictions that can't fit a truck.

Our team can arrange this for your move but we need some notice. Make sure you speak to your movement manager about this when booking your move.

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