Hire Removalists Crates & Skates



Crates are re-usable and you never have to worry about disposing your leftover boxes after you move. Rest-assured, these eco-friendly boxes have no impact on the environment.


Cost less than Boxes

Instead of buying expensive new boxes, you can save money by renting them here at Holloway. Simply rent crates from us here at Holloway and return it back to us once you are done.

first week free

The First Week is Free

At Holloway Removals and Storage, we make your move even easier by renting you crates and offering your first week free! You can use our moving crates for 7 days completely free of charge.

Crates and Skates cost

Our crates and skates are rented per week. You can rent as little or as many crates and skates as you wish and for as long as you need. Just fill out the form on the right to get a quick free quote. Please refer to the table below to learn about our pricing structure.

First week 1 week 2 weeks 3 weeks 4 weeks
Crates (per unit) FREE! $4.50 $9 $13.50 $18
Skates (per unit) FREE! $6 $12 $18 $24


The delivery and pickup are free for homes within a 30km radius of Sydney CBD.

*Please note that you’re responsible for organising the return of your crates.

*Please note that you will be charged one week in advance for this rental (recurring invoice weekly). Items can be returned at any time but no refunds are given if handed back early.

*When items are returned, the order must be returned in full. If partial orders are returned, you will be charged in full for the cost of each crate &/or skate that is outstanding. Cates @ $45 each, Skates @ $80 each