Small Moves (1-5 Item Removals)

Big removal companies can be a real pain in the hip pocket. Not only do they often charge a fortune, even for small moves, but if you don’t have a full truckload they can also make you wait until they’re able to fill it up with someone else’s stuff.

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Enter Holloway Removals, the refreshing alternative to big removal companies. We have a range of different size vehicles and teams spread across Sydney, so along with the big moving jobs we’re able to offer a unique 1- 5 item small removal service to our customers as well.

This means that if you only have a few items, all we send is a van or light truck and one or two men, rather than charging you for a bigger truck and making you wait until we’re able to fill it.

It’s all about economy by scale, and it’s just one of the ways we save you money at Holloway Removals.

We’re Here to Help Your Small Moves

Another way we save you money is by giving you the option of how much or how little you want to do during the move. We let you pack your own boxes if you want, and can even supply the materials. We also let you decide how many movers you’ll need. If you’ve got friends helping, you may only need one person to drive the truck, so there’s another saving. It’s what makes us different at Holloway Removals; the fact that we actually like to come up with ways to save you money!

And as a bonus, instead of paying a store to deliver your new bed or lounge suite and being charged some exorbitant amount, take advantage of our local pickup and delivery service. We’re much cheaper than the stores, and we’re more flexible too, with short notice and same-day deliveries all part of the service at Holloway Removals.

We can help with any size move

Some people only have as few as 1-5 items that need a removalist, so if that’s you then why not get in touch and see how cheap your move can be? Simply request a quote for our 1-5 item removal service using our online form, and we’ll get back to you within 24 hours with a price that’s easy on your wallet. Don’t move home or office on the big boys’ terms.

Move your way, and save with the Holloway Removals range of unique services tailored to your needs.

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