Finding a new home for your family, scheduling a move, and packing up your belongings is a process that can feel hectic and stressful. Though it can be time consuming, taking time to vet your prospective quality removalists carefully and thoroughly is an integral part of planning a successful move and will go a long way in reducing your move-related stress levels.

It may be tempting to consider your cousin Frank and his crew of friends who have offered to take care of your move for a screaming deal…but we strongly discourage such arrangements. Sure, Frank may be a great guy and his buddies are likely well-intentioned, but the peace of mind that comes from hiring an accredited crew is worth the added expense.

One of the first accreditations you should look for when considering a removalist company is the AFRA accreditation. Today, we’ll discuss the organization and the benefits you’ll receive by hiring AFRA-accredited Sydney removalists.

What Is AFRA?

AFRA, or the Australian Furniture Removers Association, is an official group of removal experts who assist in regulating the removal industry. Members of AFRA are required to have the necessary equipment, transportation vehicles, premises, and employee training to complete a professional move.

If you are planning a move and want to know if the removalist you’d like to hire is a member of AFRA, you may search their database of members by clicking here.

What’s the Big Deal About AFRA?

1. Members are Thoroughly Audited

Becoming a member of AFRA requires quite a bit of effort on the part of the removalist. The organisation has strict, comprehensive requirements that removalists must meet regarding their property, employees, vehicles, insurance, and equipment.

Removalists are initially audited during their application process to ensure they are in compliance with AFRA’s requirements. Once their application is approved, the removalist company is audited again 12 months after becoming an AFRA member, then every four years thereafter. If, during an audit, AFRA determines a removalist company is no longer meeting the basic organizational requirements, the company has 21 days to correct their practices before disciplinary action is taken.

2. Members Must Pay to Play

In order to be a member in good standing, each accredited removalist must put up a financial bond to the association to show their commitment to AFRA’s code of conduct. The bond is only used in the event the removalist engages in behavior or business practices that go against the code of conduct.

3. Members Provide Perfect Paperwork

Because of the strict standards, AFRA members have paperwork for job quotes, contracts, insurance, and inventories that has been reviewed during the auditing process and approved by the organization.

4. AFRA Aids in Conflict Resolution

Should you and your accredited removalist have a disagreement that cannot be settled, AFRA will step in and serve as a mediator. AFRA members agree to abide by the decision made by the organization. If you, as the customer, are not satisfied with AFRA’s determination, you may choose to take further action through Fair Trading.

5. Using Accredited Removalists Comes with Perks

When you choose a removalist who is a member of AFRA, you are allowed access to the organization’s extensive collection of comprehensive information to help you prepare for your move.

6. Members are Diverse and of the Highest Quality

No matter your needs, AFRA has qualified removalists to ensure your move goes smoothly and is worry-free. Whether you need a small, single-truck mover or want to use a nationally known removalist, you’ll find the right mover for you in the AFRA database.

The fact that every major national removal company has committed to the ideals established by AFRA illustrates the credibility of the organisation within the removal industry.

7. Ensures Training and Safety of Employees

AFRA is committed to providing training programs for members and their employees. Programs are available to all members and helps them ensure their employees are trained to perform in a way that is both professional and safe.

8. Members are Insured

Your accredited removalist is required to carry public liability insurance for their protection and for their clients’ personal safety of up to $10 million. Members may also offer transit insurance for additional protection.

We cannot overstate the importance of choosing an accredited removalist. There is a peace of mind that comes with knowing the removalist you use has voluntarily submitted to a rigorous vetting process and meets the high standards set by AFRA.

At Holloway Removals, we’re proud to be AFRA members. If you are looking for an accredited Sydney removalist who will provide you with a custom quote and a safe and efficient move, look no further. Contact us today to schedule your move. We’d love to show you the difference accreditation makes.