Our passionate bunch of removalists are proud that we have already been trusted with office removals by so many Sydney companies. We know that it can be a traumatic, frustrating, or anxious time for those involved, because many people don’t really appreciate any upheaval in their lives. Our aim is always to offer a relaxed but professional vibe as we get the job done and the move accomplished.

With this experience, we know there are a multitude of tips that might be provided to help if you are planning, managing, or have the responsibility for a move. Here are just three which might not immediately spring to mind, but from our experience with past clients, can be extremely useful to consider…

Know What Your Priorities Are, Forget The Rest

It’s easy to get buried in the detail, ending up trying to micromanage everything. So, this is an important starting point, and here’s an example. We sometimes have customers who spend ages asking us about the kind of boxes or crates we’ll use, how strong they are, how we’ll secure filing cabinets, and so on. Stop! You have enough to think about, so trust our office removals team here in Sydney to take charge of that. This is what we do, what we know about. You tell us what needs to be shifted and we’ll choose the best way to prepare, protect, and then move it.

Set both individual and collective responsibility for office removals Sydney

It would be great if you only ever had to tell all the people in your team or company once what needs to be done and then they go and do it. This doesn’t always happen though. Therefore, as well as having an overall plan, which will include different individuals being tasked in certain areas, we’ve found it pays to have individual plans. In other words, each person should complete a plan for what they have to do to prepare their own part of your ‘office world’ for the move. Otherwise, people can carry out the jobs you give them in the overall scheme of things, but forget to make sure their desk, cabinet, computer and the like are also good to go.

Be careful of inadvertent dumping

It’s not unknown for a move to be a time to purge the system of old paper-based records. From time to time this ends up with confidential material simply being thrown out as it is, rather than properly shredded or disposed of in some other acceptable way. It’s useful to have a disposal officer to make sure such things don’t later come back to haunt you.

As we said earlier, there’s so much more advice we can offer as you plan your office removals in Sydney. A call to 02 9199 0773 will allow our friendly and professional Holloway Removals team to offer no-obligation help and answer any queries you have about your move. We’ll be happy to hear from you.