Tips from Your Favorite Sydney Removalist: 5 Ways to Cut Moving Costs You Need to Know

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Moving into a new home can be an exciting experience, but it can also leave you feeling as though your pockets are empty. There’s no way around it…moving into a new home can be costly, and many removalists are happy to take as much as you’re willing to pay. That’s why it’s important to know where you can save some money and what should be taking up the bulk of your moving budget.

As one of Sydney’s most reliable moving companies, we’re here to help. We’ve gathered a list of our top 5 tips for saving money during your move…and, we’ve even thrown in a bonus tip because that’s just the kind of company we are.

So, without further ado, we present our favourite ways you can cut moving costs…you’re welcome!

1. Don’t Move What You Don’t Want

We cannot tell you how many times clients have asked us to move unpacked boxes that have been sitting in their garage since their previous move. Don’t be those people. If you haven’t needed the contents of those boxes in the years since they’ve been boxed up, you likely don’t need them at all.

Take time to go through those boxes…and your closets…and your garage…and make piles of things you want to keep, things that you can sell in a garage sale, and items that need to go out on trash day. By reducing the amount of stuff you’re moving, you’ll cut down on the overall cost of your move.

2. Collect Free Moving Boxes Well in Advance

Collecting used moving boxes can save you some cash…if you’re smart about it. The trick is to collect boxes from trusted sources who will give you boxes that have been used no more than once before your move.

Why be such a stickler about how many times used boxes have been…well, used? Because the integrity of the box breaks down a bit more after each use, you don’t want to play box roulette when the items in that box happen to be things you love.

So, start early. Ask friends, family, and coworkers who are moving if you can have their boxes once their move is done. Gently used boxes can save you quite a bit of money…but overused boxes can end up costing you plenty.

3. Time Your Move for Off-Season

We all know that the real estate market tends to boom in the spring, which means removalists are swamped during the spring and summer months once sales have closed and homeowners are prepping to move.

Due to the increase in need, many moving companies charge a premium price during their busy season, so consider postponing your move until autumn or winter to save money.

4. Consider a Backload Service

Are you making a small, interstate move? If so, you may benefit from using a shared service to move you from one state to another. With backload service, your items are added to a truck carrying items from other customers, and everyone shares the expense of the truck.

You’ll need to have some flexibility in the delivery dates for your items. Sharing a truck with others means you’ll have to find a delivery date that works for everyone but splitting the cost of a truck on an interstate move could save you big bucks.

5. Get Multiple Estimates for Your Move

Pricing amongst removal companies can vary, so plan to request estimates from a minimum of three companies to find the most economical option.

This tip comes with a word of warning—the old adage “you get what you pay for” certainly applies to hiring a removal team. Picking the cheapest company isn’t necessarily a good thing, especially if they are not professional movers. When you call a company, ask if they are licensed and insured…and they get bonus points if they are a member of AFRA, Australia’s furniture remover’s association. Membership is optional, but those removalists who are members are held to higher safety standards and are required to carry liability insurance.

Bonus tip: The DIY Move Myth

Some people will tell you the best way to save money during a move is to do it yourself or with the help of family and friends. Unfortunately, not only does tackling a move yourself not save you money, but it can also leave you with broken valuables and get you or the people you care about hurt.

In order to pull off a move, you will have to rent a truck, dollies, furniture blankets, straps, and any other equipment. You and your crew are not professionals, which means loading up your truck is going to take longer, and you may have to pay for an extra day of truck and equipment rental. And none of you have been trained on how to lift, twist, turn, and lower while carrying heavy furniture, which means injuries are likely. So, we beg you…budget for a removal team. Your family…and your back…will thank you for it.

And so…

Hiring a reasonably priced, reliable removal company is going to save you money and heartache in the long run. If you would like a custom quote for your move, contact us at Holloway Removals. We’ll move you the right way…with Holloway.

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