Tips from Your Friendly Sydney Removalist: Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Moving Boxes

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Moving from one home to another is challenging under the best of circumstances, and most homeowners spend time working to ensure their items are safely packed and will arrive at the new location intact. But trying to cut corners on boxing or using the wrong box for the job can turn a challenging move into a miserable experience, so it is important to know where to get your moving boxes and which box is right for your needs.

To that end, we’ve created what we like to think of as Moving Boxes 101—a crash course, if you will, on all things moving box related that will keep your items safe and your stress level low come moving day.

Where should I get boxes from?

When it comes to boxes, brand new is best. We know, we know…there are plenty of people online selling their “gently used” boxes to homeowners desperate to save a few bucks during the moving process…and we get it. But the truth is, even high-grade moving boxes become flimsier with each use, and if you are using second- or third-hand boxes there is a good chance that box is going to fail on you.

Purchase brand new boxes and invest in official moving boxes when possible. We’ll get into the types available for specific jobs in the next section, but your local moving supply store should have the boxes you need. And, if you’d rather have your boxes delivered straight to your door, you can buy moving boxes (along with everything else in the world) on Amazon.

Look for corrugated boxes. These moving-friendly boxes have accordioned paper sandwiched between two flat paperboard liners, which means they’ll hold up better and provide better cushioning for your items.

Which box should I use?

For Office Paperwork or Files

Heavy-duty document boxes are made to hold large quantities of papers and/or files and can be purchased especially sized for standard or legal paper. Many come with cardboard dividers that you can use to keep papers organised, and the boxes are equally good at holding book collections or heavier accessories because of their small size.

For Fragile Items

If you have fragile items like mirrors or framed artwork, you’ll want to purchase two things—mirror or picture boxes and a picture packer kit. The kit includes four styrofoam corner protectors that are used to protect the edges of your mirror or frame and a strap to hold the protectors in place. You’ll need to purchase a kit for each piece of artwork or mirror you own.

Once the corner protectors have been added, you can slide the piece into a mirror/picture box and rest easy knowing you’ve given your delicate items a little extra TLC to ensure they arrive at your new home unscathed.

Speaking of fragile items, moving supply stores also sell boxes specially made for flat-screen TV’s and, trust us, you’ll want to buy those as well.

For Clothing

Some people opt to move their clothing themselves…in their car…by grabbing handfuls of hangers and stacking them in the backseat. But this rarely ends well as clothing inevitably slides out of the hanger, leaving exhausted homeowners with a pile of laundry to deal with after a long day of moving.

Purchase a few wardrobe moving boxes to avoid the hassle of runaway clothing. These boxes usually come with a metal bar you hang inside the box, and from that you can hang your clothing. And many come with side handles, allowing the movers to easily load and unload the boxes.

For Dishes and Glassware

When the time comes to pack up your kitchen, invest in dishware and glass packing kits. There’s something to be said about paying for convenience, and these kits are often worth the extra expense.

Each kit comes with everything you need to pack breakable kitchen items. The dishware kit includes cardboard partitions that you divide your box according to the dimensions of your dishes and offer additional protection. They also include foam envelopes that further protect plates and bowls.

Glassware kits allow you to easily and safely insulate and pack sets of glasses and cups. Once again, the cardboard partitions are customisable, allowing you to choose the configuration that works best for your glasses.

When packing dishes and glasses, it is a good idea to have extra bubble wrap or packing paper available so you can fill in any gaps and make sure your belongings are well padded.

We hope this little crash course in the basics of moving boxes makes clear the value high-quality, brand-new boxes bring to your move. And, when your time to move draws near and you think you’d prefer to hand the task over to professionals, we hope you’ll contact us at Holloway Removals. Our expert staff can quickly and efficiently pack up your items in a fraction of the time it will take you to get the job done, and we think you’ll be surprised at our reasonable rates.

Let’s move you the right way…with Holloway.

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