Packing up your life and moving house can be a stressful time – worrying about things you have to do and things you may have forgotten.

But it doesn’t have to be that way. With some foresight and careful planning, your move can be made smoothly with nothing left behind and everything taken care of.

At Holloway Removals, we’re super keen on checklists. We use them whenever we pack up a home and move it, and we highly recommend you follow one too. So, to help make your move far easier here’s a basic moving house checklist of the things you need leading up to your big move:

Four to six weeks prior to moving day

Start early! Whether you’re doing the packing yourself or you’ve hired a professional like us at Holloway Removals, it’s important to take these steps four to six weeks before the big day:

• Prepare a detailed inventory of absolutely everything you are having moved
• Dispose of everything you aren’t taking in the home and garden, declutter everything!
• Cancel your subscriptions, finalise your bills, change your address for the electoral roll, take care of as much paperwork as you can
• Collect up valuables like jewellery and legal documents so you can move them yourself

Two weeks prior to moving day

It’s getting closer! At least a fortnight before moving day, if you’re doing DIY packing, you need to start getting organised. But, even if you’re getting the removalists to do it, there are still plenty of tasks to take care of:

• If packing yourself, get packing materials from your removalist. If you’re going with a professional, confirm that everything’s still arranged
• Arrange final readings of your gas and electricity meters, set up new bills at the new address
• Do a big spring clean of your old home and garden and, if possible, make sure the new address will be spick and span

The day before

The end is nigh… but you’re well prepared with your moving home checklist! Now that crunch time is about to hit, it’s important to keep calm and focused.

• Clean out the pantry and defrost the fridge (feel free to eat any ice-cream that may be in there!)
• Pack a bag of essential clothes and toiletries that you can take with you
• If packing yourself, make sure your boxes are all clearly labelled and ordered. If you’re leaving the packing to the professionals, have your inventory list on hand.

On the big day…

At Holloway Removalists, we can do as much or as little of the moving as you like. We can supply you with boxes and everything you need to pack yourself, or we can come and do the whole lot for you.

Either way, on the day, we take care of everything, leaving nothing behind and making sure the place is spick and span. So, all you have to do is lock up and head to your new life!

Note: We just created an updated version of our moving checklist. It also contains a printable infographic for your convenience.