Why would I require a removalist from Sydney to Melbourne?

There are many reasons why you may need to move from Sydney to Melbourne. It may be for work, personal or familial reasons, or simply to experience a new lifestyle or city. Regardless of the reason, moving to another city and states can be daunting. To get you ready for your new life, here are a few reasons why Melbourne is often crowned the world’s most liveable city.

Quality transport

Melbourne is renowned for having some of the best transport in Australia. It is home to the world’s largest tram network and is famous for its iconic, vintage style trams that are not only beautiful but also convenient. The city also has a tram service known as the City Circle tram, which provides tourists and residents with free transport in central Melbourne. This service travels to most inner city attractions, shops, buildings and city events and comes every 12 minutes. It is also home to bus and coach services with a total of 323 routes and a metro railway network with 16 lines, making it the second largest in Australia.

Amazing food

While Sydney is certainly not lacking in the gourmet factor, you will be pleased to know that Melbourne also offers many great cafes, restaurants and eateries. Melbourne has a large Greek population and as a consequence, is home to some of the best Greek food in Australia. They are particularly famous for their impressive Souvlaki. The Queen Victoria Markets also offer lots of fresh and organic local produce, if you favour eating in.

Safe for pedestrians and cyclists

The city of Melbourne was designed to be pedestrian and cyclist friendly. Drivers in Melbourne are generally very courteous to pedestrians and cyclists. Along most of the roads, there is ample space for both pedestrians and cyclists, and there are very strict rules put in place to protect both parties. There is also a bike share network available in the city that allows people to borrow and use bikes to travel to specified located stations within the city.

Unique cityscape

There are many famous structures in Melbourne, including the AAMI Park stadium, the Australian Centre for Contemporary Art (ACCA), the Arts Centre Melbourne and the Melbourne Capitol Theatre. Not only is the architecture of Melbourne very unique and beautiful, many streets in the city of Melbourne are decorated with stylish and ornate graffiti art. Local street artists can gain the permission from public and private property owners to decorate their buildings, which makes for an interesting and eclectic look.

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