Who are the most reliable removalists in Sydney? Well, of course, our friendly, helpful and professional team here at Holloway Removals know full well that the answer is us! You’d expect us to believe that, but you’ll also expect real proof rather than just fine words. When considering who to choose, here are some key questions you might want to ask. Helpful as ever, we’ve provided our answers too…

Four interesting questions to test the reliability of removalists in Sydney

Do you store as well as move?

We appreciate that new business premises might not be fully operational when you move, or that you may be moving to a home that you are then going to renovate. You may be moving overseas for a while or relocating interstate. Our secure storage facility, from a single valuable item to an entire houseful, allows you to keep your items safe and get to them whenever you need to.

Do you know the lay of the land?

When choosing your removalist, make sure the company has a genuine experience of the area. It isn’t just about finding your new address, it’s about understanding how best to get there, appreciating any potential traffic or parking difficulties and knowing the best times to move. In other words, right across Sydney and beyond, it’s about having that genuine local knowledge that gets the job done without hassle and on time. This is the experience we have spent the last decade and more accumulating!

Do you really focus on our move?

Sadly, some companies think it’s okay to fit one job around another. They cut corners by trying to do more than one thing at the same time. Moves over short distances, or the collection and delivery of single items (such as a new piece of furniture) are almost seen as a distraction to the important stuff. We don’t – no matter the size of your move, it always has our undivided attention and our complete care. Of course, we carry out hundreds of removal operations each year, and you benefit from this extensive experience. But we never forget that each one is uniquely important to the people involved, is a key moment in their lives or business, and deserves the appropriate level of care and professionalism.

Do you intend to bankrupt us?

Some of the charges demanded by other removalists in Sydney might make you think so! We’re cheap – always in price but never in attitude. If our prices seem too good to be true compared to other quotes, we’ll happily refer you to some of our customers and let them talk for us. Incidentally, we’re always thrilled that so many folks who have used us then recommend Holloway Removals to their family, friends and colleagues.

Of course, there are many other questions about your move that you should demand clear answers to. As each situation is unique, the simplest thing to do is call us on 02 8503 4444 and start your interrogation…