It’s time to move office – again. Your business just keeps on growing and it’s all because of you! Who thought that being successful was going to be this much fun? The new office space has been found – it’s in a buzzing location, right next door to some great cafes and there’s even transport and parking close by!

There’s only one problem – the entire operation has to be moved and set up in less than two days, and potentially, the whole exercise could be a real headache. Who to call? The budget won’t extend to the ultra-expensive super corporate outfits who charge extra just for showing up, you need someone who understands you and knows exactly what you need. That’s where Holloway Removals comes in. Holloway’s are a great young team, experienced in all sized corporate removals. We are completely focused on getting the job done so that all your needs are met – in a friendly, time-efficient manner.

Office Moves That Are Smooth and Seamless

The team at Holloway Removals has got it all together. When they arrive, it’s just for you. They’re not interested in cramming one job in among all the others, their specialty is client service and that’s what you’ll get. Each team member is experienced in managing corporate removals, and pays attention to moving a whole operating office from one location to another. It’s bad enough losing a productive word day to a complicated move – Holloway understand this and endeavour to make the transfer as pain-free and cost-effective as possible.

We’re fully insured for corporate removals, so you can be confident that should any damage occur – and we’re certain it won’t – all your office equipment will be covered. Holloway Removals also guarantee a competitive price against other companies who charge exorbitantly for commercial moves. Holloway will help you with absolutely everything, from advising on how to pack your computers, files, hard documents, office furniture, cabling – even the kitchen, to transport it the new premises safely and quickly.

The Corporate Removals Team That Works With You

We’ll work with you to create the best outcome, and get your business up and running as quickly as possible. And we’re not just going to love you and leave you. We have a vested interest in assisting you with the new set-up, including placement and arrangement, because we believe in our clients’ success – just like we believe in our own. The next time you need to move due to another office removal, we hope that you’ll ask us to help you again, just like you would ask a trusted mate.

We have lots of excellent packing tips for you too, and can provide you with solutions for tricky or cumbersome office items that other companies put into the too-hard basket. Special jobs, models, artworks, mock-ups, loose items, samples, drawings, all kinds of hardware, servers, in-house decor, anything at all that needs that special touch or extra care – Holloway delivers, because we want to make the experience hassle-free, because your business means as much to us as ours does.

For your all your corporate removals, give them friendly team at Holloway Removals a call & we’ll get you from A to B.