Office Relocation Checklist : What you need to know

When planning to relocate to a new office, you are advised to follow a checklist. Establish your budget, book the correct packing material, etc. for your move!

If you’re planning on relocating your office or business soon, this checklist is what you need right now. No move is easy, but office relocations can be tedious and stressful as you’ll have to handle several large pieces of furniture, printers, fragile electronics and a lot of prep time.
But don’t be scared, by going through this checklist, you’ll be able to prepare your office move the right way and cut down on a lot of time and stress!
And if you’re still unsure about managing your office move, you can count on our professional removal team to lend you a hand. Let’s get started!

Establish a budget

One of the first steps of your office relocation is establishing a budget. Leave that part to the pros and call us for an obligation-free quote!
Book a meeting with one of our sales team rep and depending on the importance of the project, they will give you a cost-effective commercial relocation quote. Please note that our quotes are obligation-free!

Be organized in your office relocation

Sort what’s important to keep or throw away
Any move is an opportunity to classify your documents and records.
Ask all of your employees, at least one week before the move, to throw everything that is not relevant to be kept within the company and classify the important ones into specific files.

Give a number to each desk

Every employee that has an individual desk will be assigned to a number, depending on his department. This will come handy later.
Commonly, the average company would only have one or two office move in its lifetime. Imagine everything that could be accumulated in, say, 10 years time? Knowing that there might have been 2,3, or even 4 different employees sitting on the same desk. They might be amused and surprised at what’s hiding in the bottom of their drawers!

Advise IT

Make sure IT has their own project plan for the move, including getting all PCs, telephones and hardware cables ready for moving day.

Get access to the building granted

Confirm access requirements to the building, and make sure that you know where and how the removalists will have access to the building if the lift is available and if the building management will make sure to cover the mirrors.
Send your clear floor plan to the removalists, to staff, and to all departments involved in the physical move.

Book the correct packing material

At Holloway, we specialize in a huge range of packing products to meet your specific requirements; including bubble wraps, plastic bags, cartons, strapping, tapes, void fills, mail room packaging, double-sided tapes, velcro products, along with a huge range of warehouse equipment.
You can also choose to have packing ladies that will help you wrap, stack and place every item in the safest way.

Move in a suitable way for your business

Whether you’re a small start-up or a or a gigantic corporation, you need to organize your move in an adapted way.
Holloway will provide you with project managers that will define a unique and specific plan for your office relocation to ensure the business is moved on time and within budget.

Prepare the new place

Use benchmarks

Label the desks with numbers according to the floor plan. Use masking tape to mark where desks or other heavy items should go.

Think creative

Now is time to wake up the interior designer within you. Anticipate the space for plants, furniture, artwork, kitchen appliances like water fountains, etc. This is the fun part!

Our team will take it from there

Your job is now done. You can relax and let the Holloway team take it from there.


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