Meet Calum McDermott, one of our Holloway Sydney Removalist and latest recruit, he is proving to be a big hit with our Sydney customers.

Let’s find out why!

From his hometown of Hinckley in England, moving to of course the fair shores of Bondi. Calum like many other of our removalists has a very interesting background which is a far cry from packing and removals.

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With a Degree in Sports and Exercise Science (BSc) from Liverpool John Moore, Calum headed straight into his career at Hastings High School.  Starting as a learning support assistant and by the end of the year taking on a full-time maternity leave teaching position.  Calum by the age of 24 already had 3 teaching years under his belt, the last position at St Martins Catholic Academy High School teaching 11-16-year-olds.

So why did a degree qualified teacher choose removals and storage as his first job in Sydney you might ask yourself?

It’s not often that a position becomes available at Holloway, but when it does there is a lengthy recruitment and induction process and only the best make it onto the team.  In the case of Calum this role was partnering up with one of our leading Sydney removalist Alex Hyde, Alex is a career removalist with 10 years experience for his 28 years young.

Together we have found this team is turning out to be a Holloway powerhouse, Alex with his removalist experience and Calum with his problem-solving skills.  We were keen to learn why Calum chose us for his working stint rather than taking up a prestigious teaching position, so guess what?  

We asked him!

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So tell us….Why did you choose to join the Holloway Removals and Storage team?

Calum: I enjoy the autonomy we have to deliver the job, it is hard work lifting all day but we get to meet so many different customers and the jobs vary so it keeps things interesting for us (better than sitting behind a desk or in a classroom all day).

We receive a lot of fantastic customer reviews about both Alex and yourself – What do you think you do differently to other removalists?

Calum: It’s amazing I never thought that there was so much to moving furniture, Alex has trained me from day one that being meticulous results in a much better move not only for the customer but also for us.  A primary focus is using the correct lifting techniques for differing items, to ensure they are lifted safely and the items are well protected. When we start the job Alex always takes the time to chat with the customer to better understand the job, it means we can then plan the move with precision and ultimately do a better job.

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We also approach every item with the same care, regardless of the value and communicate with each customer as Sir and Madam.  Alex and I thoroughly enjoy our work which I think comes through in our interactions with our customers.

Most of all its the most rewarding way to keep fit!

Thanks, Cal for your time and providing some great insights to your Removalist job.