Planning a move to a new city can sometimes feel as though you’re moving to a new planet. Everything about the new destination can feel foreign and unfamiliar. Where do I buy my groceries? In what part of town do I want to live? How much will it cost to get me and my stuff there?

To help ease your angst, we’ve gathered some tips and tricks to help your new-city move go smoothly. Let’s take a look.

1. Become a Tourist in Your New Town

Plan to use a little vacation time visiting your new city as if you were a tourist there. Visit different areas, check out sites like TripAdvisor for fun things to do in the area, and try to immerse yourself in the culture of the city.

Visit local restaurants and pubs and take every opportunity to chat up locals about their hometown. Find out what they love about the area. If you aren’t tied to a certain area of the city, you may want to meet with a local estate agent who can help you find the area of town that will best fit your needs.

2. Research Different Neighborhoods

Again, an estate agent can be a lifesaver when it comes to deciding which area of town is right for you and your family. The cost of living can vary greatly depending on where you live in town, and you’ll need to balance that against other important factors. Some points to consider are:

  • Cost of homes or apartments in the area
  • Proximity to your job
  • Crime rate in the area
  • Proximity to schools and the quality of education offered
  • Access to doctors/hospitals/dentists

3. Plan Your Move

When it comes to moving cities, the farther in advance you start planning the better off you’ll be. Start contacting removal companies at least 4 weeks prior to your move…but you may want to reach out earlier. A new-city move requires more coordination and time than an in-city move, and the cost of your move may be higher if it happens during peak seasons like the Christmas holidays or other public holidays.

Talk to family and friends to gather the names of recommended removalists (you should get bids from a minimum of 3 different companies). Be sure to request in-home estimates so the companies come to your home and see exactly what needs to be moved. And, as always, any removalist company you are considering hiring should be fully licensed and insured.

4. Create a Moving Budget

Do yourself a favor and start budgeting for your move as soon as possible. By preparing for the cost in advance, you’ll reduce the amount of money-related stress that can be a common side effect of moving.

Curious as to the average cost of a move between cities? We’ve gathered some averages to show you the difference (rates are based on moving the contents of a three-bedroom home):

There are a variety of optional services offered by most removalists and, depending upon your needs and your budget, you may want to consider using them. Hiring a packing team to professionally pack your items saves you time (I guarantee the packing team will be much more efficient at packing than you) and keeps you from taking time off work to get the job done.

To give you an idea of just how efficient pro packers can be, consider this—a team of 3 packers can pack up the contents of your kitchen plus another 3 – 4 rooms in about 5 hours. That’s approximately 60 – 80 boxes carefully packed and ready for moving in just over half a day. The average cost of such service is approximately $900.

If your budget won’t allow for such a luxury, consider hiring packers just for the hard-to-pack items like artwork, mirrors, or chandeliers. Your removalist company can provide you a custom quote for limited packing services.

Moving to a new city means your items are going to spend more time in the moving van. You may want to consider paying your removalists to disassemble larger pieces of furniture. Having them broken down in smaller pieces means less stress on joints, and the team will reassemble them in your new home. Expect to pay approximately $100 – $150 for this service.

And, if you’ll need to use a storage facility to house some items temporarily, contact your removal service to see if they can coordinate storage for you. You can expect to pay $100 – $150 per month on storage rental fees.

Moving to a new city is an exciting time and shouldn’t be stressful. The keys to a successful move are early planning, careful budgeting, and hiring the right team for the job. If you’re planning for a new-city move, we hope you’ll consider using Holloway Removals and Storage. We are experts when it comes to creating customised estimates—simply tell us how much help you need, and we’ll make sure to keep your relocation within your budget. Contact us here for a custom quote today.

After all, it’s your move.

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