Are you searching for a reliable business in Sydney that can help you with the end-to-end process of moving? Our team of experienced staff not only have the knowledge and the skill, but we offer a service that is friendly and easy to deal with. That’s why Holloway Removals are able to offer all packing, removal and storage services in Sydney.

Removal and storage Sydney

As experienced as we are in dealing with removals and storage in Sydney, we feel it is our duty to impart some of the best tips and tricks for moving and storing your precious items.

1. Get organised

Every minute that you spend planning saves an hour in mucking around and looking for stuff, or something like that. The best thing you can do is use every minute of the time you have before the move to throw out things you’re not going to keep, sell things that could make you a bit of spare coin, and organise things that you want to keep, but won’t have space for in your new place. You don’t need to make harsh decisions to get rid of grandma’s good tea set. If you have enough time, you can easily store these items in a safe way.

2. Change your address

Don’t wait until you’ve already moved to hit the postie up with your new address. Before you move, let people and organisations know that you have moved. The more time in advance you have, the better, as you can keep an eye on your incoming mail and let people know that you have a new mailing address.

3. Make sure you’ve queued everything up

Don’t pay a cent for hot water, gas or electricity the day after you’ve moved.

4. Collect moving stuff

Some hardware stores will let you take a couple of moving boxes at a time, so it’s nice to be able to start early and pop in every time you drive past. There’s no need to spend a mint on boxes all at once if you have time to gather them for free. You can also purchase some specialised boxes for crockery, clothes, and durable bags for soft items. This is the time to stop throwing your newspaper in the recycling bin – let it pile up for use in boxes.

5. Check the weather forecast

If it looks like rain, you can leave umbrellas and boots aside so that you don’t experience too much discomfort during the physical move. If you hire a professional like Holloway Removals, you’ll end up singing in the rain with our removal and storage services in Sydney!