Is there anything better than basking in the after-moving glow? You’re tucked into your new space. You’ve unpacked (Some of? Most of? We won’t judge) your boxes and the new location is starting to feel like home.

What you may be avoiding, however, is that insurmountable mountain of pressed paper lurking in your garage or back bedroom. What the heck do you do with all of those cardboard boxes and packing supplies? Before you do anything drastic (after all, backyard bonfires are sure to draw the ire of your new neighbors and may very well get you arrested), take a look at our list of ways to take care of, or repurpose, that pile of post-move boxes and paper.

1. Keep Them

I know, I know—there’s a high likelihood that hanging on to that stack of boxes and supplies is the LAST thing you want to consider…but hear us out. You’ve got a pretty good investment in those packing supplies, and odds are you’ll be moving again at some point in the future. Why not hang on to them and save yourself the expense of repurchasing packing supplies for the next move?

Only keep boxes that are in excellent condition—let the ones that were torn or crumpled during the move go. Break down the boxes so they lay flat and store in a cool, dry area of your garage or home.

Same goes with packing paper or peanuts. Flatten out sheets of packing paper and store in resealable bags. Packing peanuts can be placed in garbage bags that are cinched tightly shut.

2. Recycle Them

If the idea of hanging onto piles of cardboard and packing supplies is off putting, contact your local recycling center. Most will accept cardboard boxes and packing paper.

If you purchased biodegradable packing peanuts, you can send those off to the recycling center or throw them into your compost bin. However, if you purchased the non-biodegradable version, you must send those into the trash…which means they’ll end up in your landfill. Consider hanging onto them and repurposing them for another use (more on this later).

Most bubble wrap is recyclable, but it usually cannot go in your recycling bin. Ask your local grocery store if they accept bubble wrap—most will accept it in the bin used for recycling plastic grocery bags.

3. Repurpose Them

Before you head to the trash or recycling bins, consider repurposing some of your materials for fun and functional uses around your new home.

Cardboard – We could give you a mile-long list of ways to repurpose cardboard…it’s the corrugated fiberboard that just keeps giving. Here are a few fun ways to use it:

  • If you live in an apartment or condo building, find fun or funky house numbers online. Print them off and glue them to cardboard for an inexpensive way to add a little personality to your front door.
  • Keep your dresser drawers organised by using cardboard for drawer dividers. Strips can be cut to custom fit your drawers and, by cutting a notch in one strip and sliding another strip in, you’ll have a surprisingly sturdy divider system that can keep drawer contents neat.

Packing Paper

  • Instead of using paper towels, try cleaning mirrors and windows with sheets of packing paper. Your glass will sparkle and you’ll have none of that annoying lint residue paper towels often leave behind.
  • If you’re expecting icy weather, line your windshields with paper to prevent frost buildup.
  • Packing paper makes surprisingly durable gift wrap for smaller items and boxes. Add a simple ribbon bow for a lovely—and environmentally friendly—gift wrap option.

Packing Peanuts

  • You know these spongy peanuts make great packing material…why not use them to secure items when shipping?
  • Add them to the bottom of planters to promote proper drainage before adding soil. When you need to move the planters, you’ll be glad you opted for lightweight peanuts over rocks. Trust us—your back will thank you.
  • Place them in resealable bags and stuff them into your tall boots or handbags to help them maintain their shape.
  • Hanging frames often cause damage to painted walls. You can avoid this problem by cutting peanuts in half and gluing the foam to the back corners of picture frames to keep them from scratching your walls.

In order to have boxes and packing supplies to deal with, you’ll first need to move. If this step is in your future, we hope you’ll reach out to us at Holloway Removalists. We have the experience and expertise to provide you with everything you need and nothing you don’t. Let us know how we can help.

After all, it’s your move.