Moving house?

There’s a fair bit of research that suggests that moving house is one of the most stressful events that can happen to us in our lives. Stress when moving is two-fold: the stress of the actual move itself, and the stress of changing our environment.

How can a removal company help?

Along with stress, there are plenty of positive feelings associated with moving house. You’re moving for a reason, after all. And a change is as good as a holiday, they say. We can remove some of the stress of moving by handling your move as a professional should. A good removal company is reliable, safe and efficient. You’ve got enough to worry about, so let a professional removalist take care of the move for you.

Why not get a mate to help?

A good removalist is just like the fun and friendly mate who helps you move, except that they have years of experience and they are insured. Even if you do know someone, it’s really tough to move a house without a couple of experienced and strong removal experts to help.

We only hire people that are fun, polite and presentable. When we get to your new home, we’ll make sure that everything is placed where it is best for you to find it. We won’t unload into your garage and open a slab of beers while there’s still hard work to be done.

We love it when our customers say ‘well that was easier than expected!’

What can a removal company actually do?

Moving isn’t something that you do every day. But it is something that we do every day. A good removalist company will have a full suite of products and services. We can do everything from packing with care and labelling your items, to unpacking and making sure you’ve got the stuff you need to make a cuppa at the end of the trip. Some people like to have more control and that’s okay, too. We can supply the boxes and packing materials and help with any stage of the experience that you need.

Choosing a removal company

The main reason that you’d hire a professional is to make sure all of your things arrive in one piece.

Make sure that you do your research and find a company that has good reviews. Check out their website to make sure that you like the sound of who they are and what they do. While a professional removalist will make sure that every care is taken, it’s no harm to ask whether they have a decent insurance policy should anything go wrong.

Costs can be really difficult to work out, as so many removalists in Sydney charge in different and confusing ways. You shouldn’t have to be a mathematician to know what costs you’re up for. That’s why we have an easy quote system on our website. And if you don’t like playing around with computers or you have a rare collection of fragile goods, you can just pick up the phone and call us.

We are young, fun, experienced removals experts who service the whole of Sydney & Australia. You’ll enjoy talking to us. Call us for a free quote today. Visit our homepage for more information.