Ever heard of ‘modular mobile storage’ or ‘mobile self-storage’? Not sure what it means? Not to worry. ‘ Mobile self-storage’ is a form of storage many people aren’t familiar with. Yet. Here’s a handy infographic that explains it all.

holloway mobile self-storage infographic

1. You Order

the holloway removals team

Order a storage module from us that can be sized according to your needs (although usually they’re 10 meters cubed). Choose as many as you need as well – no more renting a space too big or too small.

2. We Deliver

Holloway Removals Delivering Mobile Storage

We drop the mobile self-storage module straight to your doorstep. This is a huge improvement from traditional storage, where people drive their belongings to a warehouse.

3. It Gets Packed

Holloway Removals Packing Mobile Self Storage

Pack your things into the module or we can pack the module for you. The choice is yours. One thing’s for sure though, no more messy storage units going damp! This airtight container will seal your stuff safely.

4. We Store It

forklift moving mobile self-storage units in Holloway removals warehouse

Once the module is full, we drive it back to our secure warehouse for storage. The neat, economical cube is carefully stacked on top of other modules just like it – making this storage option inexpensive and quick.

What do you think about mobile self-storage? Did our infographic help break down the process? If yes, share it with your family and friends! Or if you’re interested in our modular mobile storage, let us know by requesting a quote.



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