What To Look For When Considering Storage

Choosing the right storage solution for your needs can be quite a daunting task. In this article, we give our top tips on how to make sure you choose the correct option for you.
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There are many reasons you may find yourself considering storage. From storing your excess household goods, keeping your stamp collection safe, clearing room for house guests, travelling overseas, storing excess commercial stock or even storing your entire household contents when you are between homes.

1. Storage options

When considering storage, there are many solutions to choose from. Knowing whether modular storage, self storage or container storage is best for you can be a difficult decision.

For most people, we find modular storage to be the best solution. This is due to it being a very affordable option, especially when compared to self storage. Module storage is generally done by having a module brought to your home, having it loaded and then returned to a warehouse, where it is kept until you are ready for redelivery. There are some options on the market where the box is delivered to your house and it is a self load service. This is a great cost saving method, however bear in mind that you would have to load and protect your goods for safe transit and storage. Using professionals to load your goods for you is a much safer option as they have the equipment and expertise necessary to load your goods safely.

Storage units are another great option, which we often find is best suited to hobbyists. If you find yourself with a growing stamp, coin or footy card collection and want to spend 4 nights a week sorting through your prized possessions, Self Storage is likely the solution for you. The downside to this solution is that it is the most expensive option.

If you have a high volume of items or are looking to store your entire household, storing in containers is likely the perfect option. Storage containers are traditionally a cheaper option, however can’t be accessed as often as other forms of storage. This means they are best suited to keeping items whilst you are overseas or between residences. Another benefit is that a storage container can be used to move your house, meaning there is no double handling.

2. Double handling

When comparing storage options, it is worth thinking about whether you are going to want to load them yourself or have someone else do it. Most people find loading their own storage modules to be quite difficult for 3 reasons.

Playing tetris in a storage module or container is quite difficult and not only will you end up wasting space which costs you money in the long run, but you will likely spend at least half your weekend doing it.

If you have chosen a storage unit, or another similar option, unless you have a ute or truck, or know someone that does, you can end up doing multiple trips back and forth ferrying your items across town.

There is a lot of skill and experience required when loading your goods into storage. You should also factor in possible damage to furniture, possibly even damaged walls, floors as well as potential injuries and lost friendships.

If you do opt to have a removalist load your storage solution for you, ensure that you are choosing a service with no double handling. Double handling refers to loading your items on a truck and then unloading into your storage solution. This not only doubles your cost but also increases the risk of damage to your goods due to over handling.

Where possible, you should opt for a service where the storage solution is brought to you and loaded at your premises.

3. Comparing prices

Comparing prices for storage solutions can be quite tricky as no two solutions are the same. Our recommendation is to compare pricing and consider the following:

Compare cost by cubic metre 

Compare labour costs on not only an hourly rate, but also on quality of service.

If you are planning to move into a new home, make sure to consider what your redelivery fees will be

When researching a storage solution, you will likely find that storage units are the most expensive option, while modules and containers are significantly cheaper. However modules don’t come in standard sizes and a 20ft container can also come in standard and high cubic metre sizes.

Consider what the best option is for you based on the volume of goods you wish to store, the time frame involved and the potential for your items to be delivered to your new address which may be regional or interstate.

4. Accessibility

If you require constant access to your stored goods, self storage would generally be your best option as most facilities will be able to offer you 24hr access. However, bear in mind that this also comes at a premium.

Companies that offer managed storage such as modules and/or containers will generally be able to offer you access during business hours with notice.

If you know that there are items that you will need access to, consider taking these with you or storing them separately to save on storage costs.

5. Accreditation

If you are having your goods loaded for you, make sure that your chosen company is AFRA (Australia Furniture Removals Association) accredited. This ensures that they are professionally trained. AFRA accredited removalists are also audited to ensure they have all relevant policies and procedures in place. They are also able to offer any additional insurance that you may require, meaning you can rest easy knowing they will do a great job. 

6. Range of services

Often you’ll require multiple services to make the process of storing your goods easier, especially when combining this with a relocation. When choosing a storage provider, make sure to assess the range of services offered.

Some important services you should consider are; packing & unpacking services, in house removalist capabilities, storage of valuable items and ability to offer insurance.

The above storage tips contain key considerations and should give you a head start on identifying the best storage solution for your needs.


If you get stuck, our team is always here and willing to lend a hand. Our storage solutions are market leading and include high cubic metre modules and storage containers, as well as a host of commercial storage options.

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