Melbourne versus Sydney. Sydney versus Melbourne. It’s probably Australia’s oldest rivalry, always fought and never settled.

Whether it’s who has the best housing prices, the highest global liveability ranking, the coolest culture or the tastiest food, there is always friendly friction between these two great Australian cities.

We’re Sydneysiders here at Holloway Removals, so even though we love Melbourne, we have a bit of a hometown bias!

But as leading interstate removalists from Sydney to Melbourne, our job is to make you feel good about your move with professional and friendly service that sets up your new life smoothly.

But before you leave the harbour city, let us remind you what you’ll be missing – and point out what you’ll be gaining!

The beaches

Sydney has some of the most iconic beaches in Australia, and dare we say the world. Bondi. Coogee. Manly. Maroubra. The list of places with turquoise water sparkling like crushed diamonds and snow-white sand is almost endless.

But never fear – Melbourne has some cracking good beaches too. Check out the St Kilda foreshore for a great spot close to the CBD, or you can go further afield to the Great Ocean Road and see the stunning Victorian surfing coast.

The sunshine

The sun and the sea are what Sydney is all about: brilliant light glowing off the sails of the Opera House and dazzling through the flowers in the Botanic Gardens.

Compared to Sydney, Melbourne is a bit greyer. It’s said you can have four seasons in one day there, hot one minute, pouring with rain the next!

But look on the upside – Melbourne’s super stylish fashion scene is perfectly suited to this cooler weather, so put your Sydneysider uniform of thongs and boardies in the back of the cupboard!

The nightlife

It’s fair to say the lockout laws have put a bit of a fizzer on Sydney’s after dark fun lately. But the city is a huge drawcard for international performing acts and has a vibrant nightclub scene and some of the world’s very best restaurants.

Then again, Melbourne has one of the world’s largest Greek communities serving up inventive Hellenic cuisine, along with the Italian restaurants on Lygon Street and some of the best Asian food on the planet.

Interstate removalists from Sydney to Melbourne make change easy

Whether you’re moving from Sydney to Melbourne for business or pleasure, study or lifestyle change, Holloway Removals can get you there quickly and efficiently, leaving you feeling good about things to come.

We love Sydney and we love Melbourne. Both cities have great things to offer, and the best part of our job is seeing the people we help move thrive in their new place.

So get in touch with the team here at Holloway Removals. Not only are we one of the very best interstate removalists from Sydney to Melbourne, we’ll do our best to get you settled – no worries.