There are certain life events that are trickier with your baby or toddler in tow—going on vacation (seriously, ask any parent of a little one how many times they’ve needed a vacation after their vacation…it’s exhausting when you’re caring for kids!), attending a wedding or funeral, and coordinating a move.

The moving process is already a stressful time as you try to pack, plan, and transfer belongings from one home to another. But throw a fussy baby or angry toddler into the mix and the whole thing can feel like one long, never-ending prank that’s being pulled on you.

But here’s the good news—as one of Sydney’s top removalist companies we’ve seen plenty of families make a seamless move…and we’ve seen our share of trainwrecks. That’s why we’ve gathered this list with 4 of our top tips that will help you ensure a successful move while caring for little ones.

Let’s take a look!

1. Hire a reliable removal team.

Look, there are plenty of times when people ask us for tips on making a DIY move, and we get it. Movers often end up being the biggest expense of the moving process, and there are ways to get by with the help of a few friends when you’re making a small move.

But trying to move your belongings yourself while simultaneously tending to your baby or toddler is a disaster waiting to happen. There’s a good chance the move could drag out for days, and you’ll end up spending way more on multiple-day truck and equipment rentals than you would have on a team of moving pros.

Please, hire a reputable team (preferably one that is a member of AFRA). We promise…it will be money well spent.

2. Baby’s Belongings Should Be Last…and First

It’s a confusing title, we know…but, hopefully, it’s one that will stick with you when it comes time to pack. For your own sanity, the items belonging to your baby and toddler should be the last items you pack up at your old house…and the first things you unpack in your new home.

As is often the case, your little one is the greatest priority, so having access to the things they need or want is extra important. We’ve seen parents pack up their toddler’s fourth favorite blanket only to have the kid spiral into a complete meltdown because the fourth favorite is suddenly the first favorite and now all boxes must be opened until the blanket is found.

Similarly, make sure you clearly label all your child’s boxes so they can be the first that are unpacked in the new home. You can thank us later for this sanity-saving tip.

3. Keep Toddlers Away on Moving Day

If at all possible, find another place for your baby to be on the day of your big move. Ask a trusted friend or relative to keep them in their home until the move is complete. If you feel more comfortable having them close, consider having a babysitter watch them in your old home, keeping them in a back room or behind a baby gate for safety.

Keep in mind that moving can be a traumatic experience for older toddlers who are likely leaving the only home they’ve ever known. It may be best to keep them away from the most hectic part of the experience.

4. Childproof the New Home Before You Move In

If you have the time, do all your baby proofing before you bring your baby or toddler into your new home. Install as much as you can ahead of time. This includes baby gates, door locks and alarms, outlet protectors, and toilet and cabinet locks.

Be sure to walk around your new home and make sure all the windows have screens on them. You’ll also want to check any blinds for long cords and, if you find them, tie them up and out of reach or, even better, install cordless blinds.

And remember that stacked boxes can look like a jungle gym to curious toddlers. Avoid the temptation to stack boxes on top of one another in your new home. Ask your movers to spread boxes out, side by side as much as possible.

And there you have it—four tips that will make moving with a baby or toddler infinitely easier. If you have an upcoming move in the future, we hope you’ll consider using our services at Holloway Removals. We’re one of Sydney’s top removal companies for a reason—we’re reasonably priced, we have decades of experience, we’re proud members of AFRA, and we believe in exceptional customer service.

Contact us today for a personalised estimate that will include all the services you need and nothing you don’t.

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