The Delicacies of Moving Offices in Sydney

Moving offices involve a number of crucial steps. Get to know the delicacies to ensure a safe & efficient move. Click here to read them and reduce your stress!

Moving offices, even when you only have a few staff members on payroll, can be a hugely daunting and overwhelming task, so we’ve come up with some tips to make moving offices in Sydney a breeze.

Before you move offices

Before you leave, take out the floor plan of your new office space and have a meeting with your colleagues to discuss where everyone will sit. Number the desks and assign each staff member to their number. This will make transitioning smooth, as staff will know exactly where to go. These numbers can also be displayed on any boxes of goods that need to be moved from each employee’s desk.

  • Point out to your staff where the communal spaces will be and give them a deadline to have all their packing completed and ready to move.
  • Communicate clearly with them about the best way to get to the new office, using public transport if need be.
  • Communicate with the IT department and let them know where they will need to set up their data systems.
  • Before you head out the door, call ahead and ensure there is parking for the removalist van out front – moving offices in Sydney can cause major traffic headaches!

During Your Office Move

When you’re ready for the big day, make sure you have designated staff to be in control of the removalists at both the old and new office ends. Staff members should be on site to let the crew into the building, and someone needs to stay back at the old office to ensure the removalists pack everything into the vans.

If your office is a big space, instruct the removalists to only work in one area at a time. This way you can manage the move swiftly and remain in control of what’s happening.

On Arrival At New Office

When your moving offices in Sydney, once you’ve settled into the office and are ready to begin unpacking, you should wait until everything is in its place before deciding to link up the phones and computers. If this means waiting until the next day, so be it – it’s better to get the communications hooked up as easily as possible. And make sure all numbered boxes are on the correct desks.

Settling in

Once you’re all unpacked, make sure boxes are cleared away and out of walkways – you want to ensure you don’t cause an accident.

Put up new signage around the building to help direct staff to where everything is in its new home, such as teacups in the kitchen.

So there you have it – tips for making moving offices in Sydney as easy as pie. And to make it even easier on yourself, call Holloway Removals next time you need to move offices.

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