You may be moving to another part of Sydney or making a huge change to your life by moving interstate. In either case, it’s going to see you choosing a company to action the move for you. When the time comes to choose, we’d suggest these five tests to assess which one is best for you…

How good are they at listening?

Lots of companies like to talk about what they can do for you. Many will offer a compelling picture of their services. Of course, this is important, and we, like any other furniture movers, will provide that information. Ask yourself this though: how well did the people you talked to actually listen? This is vital because, no matter the services offered, each job has to be carefully tailored to the specific needs of the people who are on the move. Therefore, it’s about asking questions, verifying information, and dealing with any concerns you might express. It’s about listening intently and creating a plan that works specifically for you and your move.

How on-time are they?

With a move, you want to be sure that any furniture movers in and around Sydney will arrive when promised – at both ends of your move. Otherwise, you are left hanging around and your valuable time has been wasted. Ask any potential mover for references from other customers about their on-time work. Equally, when they come to talk to you about a proposed move, do they even turn up on time then?

How experienced are they at doing exactly what you need to be done?

There are huge differences in the requirements for home moves. Check that any company you are considering meets yours. For example, you may have some fine furniture or particularly valuable possessions that need special care when in transit. Ask carefully about a company’s experience in this area. Moving antique clocks is not the same as shifting sofas! So, ask them about their packing skills and materials.

Do they take time to consider potential problems?

You’ll know of any difficulties that might be encountered when moving. This includes parking problems around either your old house or your destination and any worries about how furniture can be moved in and out (in terms of size and height restrictions). Before you volunteer any such information, wait and see if the moving company takes the time to ask you themselves.

Are they transparent about prices?

From offering a free, no-obligation quote, up to calculating the total payment due once the job is done, make sure that any company you are considering is upfront and open about their costs.

Which furniture movers pass your five-point test?

The above list is by no means complete, but it does give you some pointers when assessing and choosing your Sydney furniture movers. We love our job, and naturally, we believe we will pass with flying colours. Our aim is to make your move as hassle-free and as pleasant as possible. It’s simply what we do!