Adults know the stress that is often associated with selling a home while also closing and preparing to move to a new space. But, as challenging as this experience can be on adults, imagine how much harder it is on young children, many of whom are being forced to pack and leave the only home they’ve ever known.

While packing up and saying goodbye to the family home can be hard for any child, there are things parents can do to make the move a little easier. And that’s why, as one of Sydney’s most trusted removal companies, we wanted to share 6 tips for help your child prepare for their big move.

1. Tell Them Sooner Rather Than Later

Parents are sometimes tempted to delay sharing the news of a move, hoping to put off dealing with fallout for as long as possible. But the truth is, children do much better when they have time to process the news, and the more time you give them, the better they’ll be in the long run.

You also don’t want them hearing about the move from someone else like a family friend or relative. So, bite the bullet and have the conversation ASAP, then continue to discuss the move in front of them so they are reminded that it is happening.

2. Prepare for Big Feelings

The size of the feelings may vary according to your child’s age, but it’s important to remember that children who don’t emote big feelings may be internalising their uncertainty.

Whether their reaction to the news is big or small, it’s important to validate their feelings and affirm that it’s ok to feel scared and/or angry about the move. And don’t be afraid to share your own feelings about the move. It’s ok for them to know there are things you will miss about your old home or neighborhood and helps them feel better understood.

3. Talk Up the New Location

As you talk about the move, be sure to include any positive information about the new location. Is the new place closer to your child’s favorite library or the pizza place they love? Perhaps a friend lives in the new neighborhood. Share any information you can think of that casts a positive light on the new place as this will create positive anticipation for your child.

4. Let Your Child Help with Packing

One of the hardest parts of moving for children is the feeling of losing control. They often feel as thought the choice to move was made without them (which is often the case), so give them a bit of the control by letting them help with packing up their things.

Go through items with them setting aside toys they no longer play with and clothes that no longer fit or they no longer like. Tell them how happy someone will be to get these items, then take your child along when you drop them off for donation.

Pack up seasonal items or things your child rarely uses well in advance, but save beloved blankets, stuffed animals and clothing for last minute packing. Ideally, your child’s essentials will be the last things you pack up in the old home and the first things you unpack in the new. The sooner you can get their familiar items in front of them, the sooner the new place will begin to feel like home.

5. Let Them Set Up Their New Room

Once the move has taken place and you’re ready to begin unpacking your child’s boxes, give them more control by giving them a say in the way their room is set up. Let them choose where their bed will go, which wall will hold the bookshelf, and where their dresser will live.

If repainting is in the future, let your child have a say in paint color selections. Giving your child ownership in his or her new space is a great way to make them feel more at home in their new room.

6. Hire an Experienced Removal Team

A team with experience can make short work of your move, ensuring your child gets quickly settled into their new home. And the faster your child gets settled, the faster your family can begin making new memories in your new home.

If you are looking for a professional removal team who can pull off your move in no time, we hope you’ll contact us at Holloway Removals. Our trained team of moving pros will create for you a custom estimate that includes every service you need…and nothing you don’t. We’ll treat your belongings as if they were our own and have you set up in your new home safely and efficiently.

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