When preparing for a move, you likely think about those hard-to-pack items: large light fixtures, artwork, towering potted trees, and bulky furniture.

But have you considered your pillows?

Before you laugh yourself off this page, hear me out. Pillows are fast becoming a luxury item as people strive for the perfect night’s sleep. And, in Cosiers recent guide to buying the best pillow in Australia, multiple pillows came with a price tag over $100…and the most expensive pillow on the list will set you back $300.

Even if you aren’t spending $200 on your pillows and blankets, you may not have considered the best way to pack these bulky items. Luckily, we’re here to help with 7 tips for packing pillows and blankets during a move.

1. Before you Pack, Sort

Let’s be honest, you likely have a closet full of pillows you’ve had since college that you’re holding onto for some unexplainable nostalgic reason, but you’re entirely too embarrassed by their condition to ever bring them out for guests.

Before the move and before you pack, go through pillows and bedding and get rid of items that are overly worn or won’t be used in the new home. Also consider throw pillows and outdoor seating cushions that may be past their prime.

The last thing you want to do is move items you won’t use, so get rid of them before you start packing.

2. Reserve Old Pillows for Cushioning

You’ve created a discard pile of pillows that won’t be making the move, but don’t throw them out just yet. Old pillows make great packing material for odd-shaped items that only fit in large boxes. Stuff pillows around items to secure them during the move. You can also place pillows between boxed up mirrors or artwork to act as padding.

3. Gather Materials

The pillows you want to keep are going to be wrapped before being packed into boxes. You may already have a roll of stretch wrap laying around that you’ll use to cover and protect your furniture. As it turns out, it works equally well to protect pillows during transport.

In addition to stretch wrap, have clean pillowcases and your vacuum nearby when you’re ready to pack.

4. Prep & Pack

Begin by using the hand-held attachment on your vacuum to remove any dust (you may also use a smaller, handheld vacuum). Grab a clean pillowcase and place the pillow inside. Then, use the stretch wrap to completely cover the entire pillow, taking care not to compress it (you don’t want misshapen pillows when you unpack in your new home). Once covered, these pillows can be packed in boxes and, like the pillow’s you’ve decided to ditch, make great padding, so use them freely to protect more fragile items.

5. Unwrap ASAP After Moving

Your bedroom pillows will likely be a priority in the unpacking process (after all, you’ll be ready for a good night’s sleep following a full day of moving), but make sure to unwrap all pillows within a day or two of the move if it doesn’t happen on the first night.

Pillows are notorious for developing a musty smell when left wrapped for too long and, I don’t care what anyone says, it seems as though no amount of washing or freshening can get rid of it.

6. Let Your Pillows See the Sun

If you find that, even after a quick unpacking, your pillows still smell a little less than fresh, set them outside in full sun for several hours. Doing so will allow any moisture in the pillow to evaporate, leaving them fluffy, and the UV rays from the sun do a number on bacteria and germs.

7. Don’t Forget About Bedding

When it comes to bedding, your best bet is to pack it together in a large box while being mindful of the weight (it is amazing how heavy a stack of blankets can be!). Line your box with packing paper, layer in the bedding, and top with a final paper layer. It really couldn’t be easier!

Pillow packing is one of those things people don’t consider until packing day arrives, and they’re left to wonder, “How on earth do I do this?”. The good is, with a bit of forethought and minimal prep, you can keep your pillows and bedding dust-free and fully ready for use in your new home on the first night.

Here’s to perfectly packed pillows…and bedding, too!