If you are feeling overwhelmed with clutter, you might be tempted to go out and buy more in-house storage. But if you have a good look around, you should first consider what items you don’t need in the house. As with all good problems, elimination is better than creating solutions.

There’s a great deal of ‘in-between’ stuff that we all have. It’s important that we keep it, but we can’t afford the space for clutter and we don’t need access to it all the time. Think tax returns, out of fashion jewellery, furniture that you’ll need when you move into your next place, and your old toy train set. Or whatever.

When you’re spring cleaning your home, you begin to realise just how easy it is to end up one of those people on the human interest telly shows about hoarders. But it’s easy to get to keep the stuff that you don’t want to let go of while cleaning with a mission to minimalise.

Here are some items that can easily go into storage:

Family photos

Take digital copies of your photos so you know what you have, and throw the originals into storage. You don’t need to have them on hand, and they will be safer in storage.

Old clothes

Sure you’ll fit into it next summer? No problem. Store it for a year. No one needs to know. If you’re thinking of saving clothes for later, make sure that they are clean and organised. Clothes should be stored clean, cool, dark and dry. Any stains left on the clothes are sure to set in over time and be much harder to remove.


We’re not saying that antiques don’t belong in the home. They deserve to be loved and gazed upon lovingly. But not all living situations are the same and not all of them are permanent. If toddler Timmy with the sticky hands is coming to stay for the school holidays, there are options for all of your fragile items.

Home improvement records

If at any time in the future you are considering selling your house, home improvement records are important to show the value of the house and any changes that have been made to the original blueprints (including investments).


You might not want to throw away grandma’s crochet throw rug, but it also might not go with your décor. All good. Keep it clean and place it safely with your clothes. It’s easy to let ‘important’ things pile up at home. Sentimental items, love notes, old schoolbooks can even present a temptation. Let your inner hoarder free while keeping your spouse happy and rent a storage unit.

Spring cleaning is a great time to declutter and store. Remember, the middle ground between throwing out what you don’t want and keeping everything is storing what you don’t need.

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