Project – GHD Sydney Office Internal Relocation – Castlereagh St, Sydney

Our Client

GHD is one of the world’s leading professional services companies operating in the global market sectors of water, energy and resources, environment, property and buildings, and transportation

Scope of Works

Holloway was engaged with GHD to tender on an internal relocation of their staff due to each of their floors being renovated, this has been split up into 3 stages over a period of 6 to 7 months. The scope included the installation of new monitor arms, relocation and installation of monitors onto the monitor arms, relocation of staff personal belongings to several levels using the Holloway crates and skates and finally reconnection of all computers on desks.

Initial Meeting and Quotation

Holloway was 1 of 4 companies invited to quote on this tender, after our first initial meeting with

 GHD, we were able to obtain a great understanding of the project in hand and what was required from us. This then enabled us to go away, discuss a potential project plan and build a quotation for review.



As with all large relocation projects, our Commercial Specialist teams get together and create a custom project plan to prevent any mishaps happening throughout the project. With think of all possible things that could cause variations and issues through every step of the move, from small details of height restrictions of loading docks and exclusive use of a lift in the building to different equipment we may need to perform the job efficiently.

Once our draft Project plan is complete, we submitted this to our client, GHD for review. We went to their office one more time to discuss in person and talk about the good the bad and the ugly of what was to come and how we can combat these in an efficient and professional manner. 

Once the Project plan had been approved by GHD and Holloway, it was off to the Operation Team.

Operations and Team Allocation

Once out Project Plan had been approved, it was time to get our fantastic Operations Team involved in the project. From here we discuss the running of the days to which the job will be performed and carefully select the crew based on their unique skills. With this project, we needed not only removalists but also Team Leaders who could give direction solves problems confidently as they arose throughout. 

Once we had carefully selected a team of 12 people, we invited them all into the office for a pre-move meeting. In this, we briefed all members of what the move consisted of, who would be in charge of what and what was expected of everyone. We also allocated a project timeline to set a deadline on when tasks should be completed.



As with all projects Holloway undertakes, we always make sure we have the correct equipment to execute the internal relocation as efficiently as possible to cause as little disruption to the client as possible. Below is the list of equipment that was used.

  • 25 x Dollies
  • 2 x Flat Bed Trolleys
  • 6 x IT Roller Cages
  • 40 x Blankets
  • 4 x Walkie Talkies
  • 12 x Printed Floor Plans (A3)
  • 12 x Printed Project Plans (A3)

Execution of Project

This particular project was broken down into 16 tasks and 5 major stages

  1. Supply and Delivery of 300 security crates
  2. Installation of 150 Monitor Arms
  3. Demount, Relocate 300 Monitors and Docking Stations
  4. Re-wire and installation of Monitors and Docking Stations
  5. Relocate and Distribute 300 crates to several levels
  6. Relocate 80 monitors and 4 TV’s to secondary office in Parramatta

From the extensive pre-planning of this project, the above tasks were performed without a hitch.


Thank You

As with all of the jobs that we do, we like to give special thanks to GHD and their very professional and organised staff for forming a great relationship with Holloway and trusting us to perform their relocation; also a massive thank you to all the Holloway legends that were involved in the business move, you all worked incredibly hard. It was tram work at its finest.