You’ve heard of ‘modular mobile storage’ – storage boxes sent to homes for a personalised pick-up and drop off. Well, now, Holloway Removals, an Eastern Suburbs transport and storage company, have created a world-first storage system they’re calling ‘Drone Deliveries.’

Yes, you read right. Now, if you’ve got too much junk in the backyard or precious items in the attic, simply request a quote from, and they’ll cost you for a drone to fly to your house and pick-up the items. From there, the drone flies to Holloway Removals’ storage warehouse in Alexandria, where the Holloway boys quickly and securely detach the bundle.

Holloway Removals founder, Andy Holloway, stated of the new delivery system, “We’re extremely proud to announce our drone deliveries service. This new advanced system is a first and fits right in with Holloway’s company mission to be a leading logistics provider in Australia, through innovation and tech.

For now, of course, you have to list each item you intend the drone to deliver – there’s a weight limit of 80kg and a condition that no fragile or bulky items be used. In other words, the utility of ‘Drone Deliveries’ is questionable; however, this is such an incredible service, we’re betting people will be willing to pay for the spectacle alone!

An unbelievable feat some may say, what do you think? Would you pay for a drone delivery service?