Are Holloway Removals the best movers in Sydney? We’d like you to decide. We pride ourselves on delivering great service with a great attitude to busy people who live in the city and the eastern suburbs. We understand how time poor a lot of people are these days, so we’ve designed our service to fit in with the needs of our clients.

Professionals on a tight schedule can take advantage of everything we have to offer, we’ll even pack and unpack for you, providing a white glove delivery service that’s unmatched, if that’s what it takes to make your move as stress-free as possible. But what we really want is for our clients to experience an upbeat service with friendly, responsible movers in Sydney who are happy to go the extra mile.

Holloway’s is made up of a team who pay attention to the details, and take extra care with your modern classics like vintage buffets and those special finds that make your home unique. Our white glove deliveries will make sure that your possessions are moved and placed the way you like; they won’t rush through just to get the job done. Other companies may see each job as just that – a job, but our movers in Sydney take pride in their work, and try to have a bit of fun too.


It’s not only local work that Holloway’s covers, our service extends to interstate, commercial and office removals. Our team will happily come along and create a checklist of everything that needs to be incorporated into your move, and can be relied upon to tick each box. An interstate move can be tricky and stressful, especially if there’s a brand new job lined up as well. Other movers in Sydney probably wouldn’t take the time to settle you in, but Holloway’s has no problem with keeping everything running smoothly. By the end of the process, you should be falling into bed happy with the way things have unfolded, and ready to start the next day.

Commercial moves are no problem for Holloway’s either. Large pieces of equipment, commercial fit-outs, even stock can all be accommodated within our service capacity, which takes the pain out of a complicated move from A to B. We’ll even help you set up again, so that your commercial venture keeps on ticking over with the least hassle possible. Because that’s the detail Holloway’s white glove freight and transport service provides.

In this busy rental market, there comes a time when nearly everyone has to move on, either to a new apartment or a different terrace, sometimes at short notice. Holloway’s will do their best to turn around your job quickly, so that a residential move doesn’t mean having to turn your life upside down for weeks on end. Put it this way, if you’re happy, we’re happy.