Hiring a Sydney Removalist Can Actually Save You Money – Here’s How

For saving your money in the moving process, the convenient solution would be hiring a removalist. Find more information here!

When it comes time to plan a move, many people want to save as much money as possible. After all, it never fails that there is some hidden cost (or costs) you weren’t budgeting for that inevitably shows up.

In an effort to save money, some homeowners consider taking on a move by themselves, and it makes sense on the surface. Hiring a quality removalist takes up a large part of moving the budget, so it would make sense that eliminating that expense would save you tons of money…


Not so fast. If the age-old adage “You get what you pay for” holds true, opting to forgo the pros could leave you frustrated and potentially injured.

Let’s look at 6 reasons why hiring a professional removalist team in Sydney can actually save you money.

Reason #1: Reduces the Amount of Missed Work

Hiring a professional removalist team means you have expert sets of hands available to pack up, load and transport your belongings.

Letting them do the heavy lifting means you don’t have to request as much time off as you would if you were tackling the job yourself.

Reason #2: No Need to Rent Equipment

Unless you live the life of a traveling nomad, you probably have more things to move than will fit in a one-trip move with a single vehicle. Rather than making a million trips and loading/unloading for eternity, you’ll likely have to rent a moving van to transport everything in a single trip.

And, unless you happen to have them on hand, you’ll also have to rent furniture dollies, moving blankets, and straps to secure everything once it’s loaded in the truck.

If you have specialty pieces of furniture—such as pianos, statues, or safes—a trained removalist team has the experience and equipment necessary to safely load and transport them.

Reason #3: Saves Time…Which Saves Money

Let’s face it, professional movers are just that…professionals. While you may move 2 – 3 times in your lifetime, a professional removalist team moves dozens of times in a single week. The house full of boxes that took you 12 hours over 3 weekends to box up? Your moving team can knock it out in 4 hours.

They are also experts when it comes to packing moving trucks quickly and efficiently and can likely have an in-city move complete in 5 – 6 hours.

Reason #4: Saves You from Injury

Moving multiple boxes and heavy furniture is no small feat…and, if you don’t have experience moving such items, it can be downright dangerous and leave you with a pile of high-dollar medical bills.

A professional removalist team has been trained in the proper way to lift and move heavy objects. They also have equipment available to help them move large items safely.

Reason #5: Save on Packing Products

You’ll be amazed how much money you spend on packing supplies. Boxes, packing paper, bubble wrap, tape, and stretch wrap can quickly add up during a move.

Most removalist teams who are assisting with packing provide all related packing materials as part of their service.

Reason #6: Reduce the Likelihood of Damage

I mentioned the experience of a professional removalist team can save you time. They can also reduce the chances that your belongings will be damaged during your move.

Movers pack hundreds of boxes of delicate items every week. They know exactly how to insulate your items in a well-padded box to ensure everything arrives to your new home intact.

They know exactly how to load a moving truck to keep everything safe (and, no, grandmother’s antique china does not go on the bottom of a tower of boxes). They will carefully maneuver each piece of furniture and box—as if they are playing the world’s most important game of Tetris—until your belongings are secure and ready for transport.

They also know how to expertly navigate door frames and sharp corners to avoid damaging walls and furniture.

And, if the worst occurs and an item is damaged during a professional move, your removalist team carries insurance for this very reason and will work with you to replace the damaged item.

If, however, it’s just you and your cousin, Kevin, who drops the box grandmother’s antique china…well, I’m afraid you’re out of luck.

Is the hiring of a professional removalist team an investment? Yes.

But we honestly believe the benefits outweigh the cost. If you decide you’d like to invest in a professional removalist team, we hope you reach out to us at Holloway. We will create for you a custom quote that includes everything you need and absolutely nothing you don’t.

After all, it’s your move.

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