What is the industry standard pricing for furniture removalist?


When looking for a furniture removalists, whether you’re in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane or even Broken Hill, you begin to see a pattern to how they all charge. Depending on how many removalists you need and the size of the truck, this can change the price per hour. The industry standard pricing is set so that to incorporate the basic costs of running a removals company; such as wages and salaries, superannuation, insurances, truck expenses, tools and equipment,  Below is a table of what to expect the average reputable removalists company to charge for local moving. Below is what the industry standard pricing is for removalists, this can also be found here.

How to spot unprofessional removalists companies?


It is important that you lookout for the companies charging amounts lower than the cost of operating a legitimate business. I good indicator that you are dealing with a professional removalist, is that they are a member of AFRA (the Australia Furniture Removers Association). This means that their removalist has been trained correctly, they have the correct insurances in place to protect not only you the customer but also them as a business and their trucks are kept up to standard and are operating safely.

It is important that your removalists have the below insurances as a bare minimum;

  • Public Liability Insurance
  • Goods in Transit Insurance
  • Workers Compensation Insurance

Without these, you can potentially leave yourself open to problems if an injury or accident were to happen on your property. If you are looking at removalists and they are charging you $80 per hour for two men and a truck, they potentially may not have the above-mentioned insurances and could be a risky move, literally!

A good removalist is worth their weight in gold!


When it comes to handling your personal possessions it pays to have a professional and quality removalist, making sure that your furniture is protected and not damaged during handling and transit. Being part of AFRA means that Holloway’s removalists are up to scratch with years of combined experience in moving furniture and delicate items with precision and care.