Let’s be honest, no one loves spending money on things they can technically do themselves. But, when it comes time to move your precious belongings, packing and loading furniture and boxes falls into the same category as cutting your own bangs.

Could you do it yourself? Definitely.

Should you? Absolutely not.

Packing, unpacking, and moving boxes and furniture are all tedious tasks. Lifting heavy objects yourself can hurt your back (and bruise your ego). Odds are, if you tackle it on your own, things are going to get broken. At the end of the day, investing in a knowledgeable and licensed moving company is going to save time and reduce stress.

If you’re still debating whether or not to hire professional movers, here are some things to consider.

Decide How Involved (or Uninvolved) You’ll Be

There are ways to hire a moving company and still save some money. You can opt to pack up smaller items yourself. Having everything in boxes on the day of the move, means the moving crew will just load the boxes and furniture on the truck, reducing their work time and saving you money.

If the thought of packing up Aunt Lucy’s antique china makes you break out in hives, consider letting the moving team pack part – or all – of your boxes for you. It may add to the cost of the move, but you’ll rest easy knowing everything has been securely packed by professionals.

What’s the Benefit of Hiring Professional Movers?

Professional moving companies will handle everything related to your move, including:

Supplying all Packing Materials & Packing up

If you’ve decided to let the pros do the packing, you won’t have to worry about making multiple trips to the store for cardboard boxes, tape, paper and bubble wrap. Professional companies offer everything you need for your move, including bulkier items such as furniture covers and extra material.
A professional moving service trains employees to safely pack your things in a way that is both secure and time efficient. So, you can rest assured that Aunt Lucy’s china (and any other delicate glass items or artwork) will arrive at your new location intact.

Transporting: Truck Loading & Unloading

Once your home is packed, your full-service moving company will safely load everything into the moving truck. All boxes and furniture are secured to the truck to prevent any jostling during transport.
When you get to your new home, the truck will be unloaded, and boxes and furniture will be moved to the appropriate rooms. If you have ever tried to navigate a sofa up a flight of stairs or around a tight corner, you know how valuable this part of the moving service is. For many, this alone is enough reason to make the investment in a competent moving team.

Unpacking & Disposal of Packing Materials

Once again, this is an optional service most moving companies provide. If you like, your moving team will unpack your boxes, allowing you to focus your attention on other tasks.
Here’s another perk to having them unpack; most companies will offer to haul off your cardboard boxes, packing paper and bubble wrap once the unpacking process is complete. Again, this is a step you can do yourself, but it’s awfully nice to end the moving process with a completely unpacked and uncluttered home.

Final Thought

If you decide to hire a moving service, think about how much of the moving process you want to take on yourself? Will you be packing and unpacking? Maybe you’re up for packing but want help unboxing everything.

Once you know how much (or how little) help you’ll need, reach out to multiple moving companies – three is a good minimum. Always check company reviews and get referrals from friends when possible.

Explain exactly what services you’d like. The moving company will likely ask you about the size of your home and number of larger furniture pieces you’ll need moved. The more estimates you get, the better deal you’ll receive in the end.

We at Holloway would love to help you in every step of your move. With multiple package options and a highly trained staff, we will ensure your move is easy and efficient. There’s a reason we make moving look easy – we’re just that good.