How to Choose Reliable Storage In Sydney

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The Sydney real estate market just keeps getting more expensive. If you’re paying a premium to get an extra room to fit your ski gear and your grandma’s porcelain doll collection, you should consider looking at alternatives for your stuff.

Once you’ve made the decision to liberate yourself from your possessions, you’ll love the extra space and the options that this presents. So, now that you’ve made that decision, how do you go about choosing a storage facility to suit your needs?

Choosing storage in Sydney

1. Good old customer service

You’re going to be asking about sizing and pricing. When you’re asking, look out for the way that people speak and interact with you. Are they transparent with their costs? Do you have to twist their arm to find out all the fees and charges? You’re about to entrust someone with your possessions. If you’re paying for storage, you want to be able to trust that they will take care and respect you and your stuff. Look out for an organised office, knowledgeable and friendly staff, and transparent and efficient service.

2. Clean and lean

Check out the physical place in which your goods will be held, as well as the office and the person that you will be dealing with when you need to interact with the facility. Everything should be clean and neat, and the staff should be presentable and professional. Clutter and disorganisation are not ideal in this situation.

3. Pest control

We shouldn’t even have to mention it, but you should check for signs of pest infestation. Your goods should be as safe (or safer) than they are at your home. It’s not offensive to simply ask the professional about their pest control procedures. Don’t assume that because you can’t see it, that there isn’t a risk.

4. Security

You need to make sure that a secured facility is just that – secure. Storage in Sydney needs to be tightly locked up, with computerised access, security cameras, and good lighting. It’s not only the physical elements of security that need to be in check. Check procedural security controls are present, including checks of people who come in and out of the facility.

5. Shaped to fit

Most importantly, find a storage company that suits your needs. If you need access to your goods every weekend, go for a company that provides easy access, whenever you need it. If you’re going to store stuff that you just can’t be bothered taking to the tip, then this is when price should be your first consideration.

Above all, check out the facility and make sure that they have a professional website and a good online reputation. They should be easy to communicate with and be available and friendly to help you when you call or drop by.

Holloway Removals are a young, fun and growing team. We specialise in removals and storage in Sydney, and our professional team are always willing to offer you a transparent quote for a storage service that will suit your needs.

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