You’d think we would always advise you to hire a trusted removal team because it’s our business, right? Well, not exactly!
At Holloway, we make sure to provide the right quote for the right job, and sometimes, we know that our customers could do without us when the job is too small. 
Here’s a simple flowchart to help you decide if you need a removal team or not. Of course, no job is the same and that’s why when in doubt, call us at 1300 050 852!

Should I hire a Removal Team every time for every move?

The short answer is: no! You might not need a removalist team. Sometimes you can do the job yourself or enlist a friend and hire a truck yourself. For a fridge or a washing machine, the job of a professional team might cost you more than the appliance in itself. Here’s a quick checklist to help you out.


You definitely need to hire a trusted removalist team if:


You might need a removalist team if:

  • You can help pack/unpack your things
  • You have some limited time to deal with the moving (Although you’re probably underestimating the time needed!)
  • It’s the first time you’re moving and you’re unsure about the process


You probably don’t need a removalist team if:

  • You have less than 5 items to move
  • You have no oversized items
  • The cost of your items is less than the cost of a professional removal team (Estimate about a 2h minimum job)
  • You can handle your item being damaged, destroyed or lost in the process
  • You can recruit a pair of friends to help you out
  • You can drive a rented truck yourself

Holloway, we pride ourselves in giving our customers the best service that suits their needs. We don’t overcharge or oversell and simply quote per the hour. That way, if you want to pack everything yourself and save some money, it’s totally possible! If however, you want to make sure everything is packed and wrapped professionally, we’ll do it for you.

Still unsure? Don’t worry, our sales team will answer all and any of your questions, simply call 1300 050 852.