Interior Design Trends for 2018

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2017 was a huge year for interior design. Millennial pink, minimalism, and Scandi-chic dominated the interiors industry. But, for 2018, there’s a looser, more free-formed style in the mix.

According to Vanessa Walker of Houzz, we’re moving away from stark minimalism towards a more personalised, eclectic style that’s creative, organic and adventurous. Dubbed the year of ‘haute bohemian’ here’s our style forecast for 2018.

Earthy Colours


All about rejecting the conformity of a particular look, 2018 seems to be the year of experimentation when it comes to colour. A mix of warm terracottas, tans, siennas, and even ‘watermelon’ red accents were on show at the Milan Furniture Fair. Earthy greens, peaches, and pinks were featured alongside the warm brown tones.

Wabi Sabi


In keeping with the new, looser design style is the trend of wabi sabi – the ancient Japanese philosophy of finding beauty in imperfection. Victoria Redshaw of Scarlet Opus explains, “One of my top trend tips for 2018 is to look out for products that relate to Wabi-Sabi…these products actually become more attractive and interesting as they become love-worn and time-worn from use”.

Examples of wabi sabi in action include aged wooden coffee tables, antique leather armchairs, and worn smooth glassware. It’s all about finding quality items that become interesting over time from the effects of weathering, oxidation, and cracking.

Patterned Plants


According to Pinterest, there has been a massive 533% increase in saved searches for patterned plants as people work out how to incorporate more greenery and foliage in their everyday lives.

Furniture With Curves


For 2018 we’re living in the 70s. Gone are the utilitarian, rectangular mid-century sofa beds. 70s curved furniture with saturated colours and puffier ‘fat’ shapes is set to trend.

Athena Calderone of Eyeswoon notes, “More and more, I’m drawn to items that are shapely or circular, swiveling chairs, round cushions, and sloped mirrors.”

Paint It Black


In addition to earthy tones, there’s a move away from white-on-white towards darker colour combinations and finishes.

Inky black hardware, speckled black and white stoneware, and textured tawny accents are taking over, while woods such as rosewood, walnut, and mango are moving us away from white-on-white towards natural patinas. Claire Staszak of Centred Design says, “Natural woods are coming back strong…not those honey oaks or dark mahoganies of the dated past, but fresh, lighter stains that feel more raw and natural.”

What are your thoughts? Do you prefer the freewheeling, bohemian-chic vibes, or are you sticking with Scandinavian minimalism? One thing’s for sure, always go with what feels right and good with you! Ignore the trends, it’s only worth adopting if you love it.

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