1. What’s your role at Holloway Removals?

‘Business Development & Commercial Manager’ – I look after our commercial clients by managing new furniture logistics, third-party logistics, property styling, as well as commercial events and exhibitions.

Day to day, I work on project management, client relationships, developing new procedures, and identifying business opportunities.

2. What inspired you to join Holloway Removals?

I was inspired to join after speaking with my cousin, Andy Holloway. He always spoke highly of the industry, everyone working at Holloway, and the fast-paced environment.

3. What are the best parts about working with the Holloway team?

The workplace culture is the best; it’s always about the people for me!

I also love working with our commercial clients, especially the property styling and event companies. Those are always some really interesting projects to work on.

4. What are some of the biggest challenges?

I deal with the commercial aspect of the business, so prioritising the multiple tasks that occur daily can sometimes be a challenge. There’s always 1 million things happening at the same time, so it’s really important that I manage all of the warehousing and commercial logistics accordingly.

5. Removals is a fairly male-dominated industry, for international women’s day, any tips you would give to women interested in moving and storage? 

I think the best advice I can give is to simply give it a go, and don’t let the fact that it’s a male-dominated industry be a deterrent.

Even though the expectations placed on women have become harder and harder to live up to, it’s important to be willing to try something different – it makes us women better people 🙂

6. Lastly, what’s the most memorable moment on the job to date?

There’s too many to choose! I’d have to say the last photo shoot and meeting with the whole company was the best. We hired a professional photographer with drones and got some great footage of the vehicles and the whole company.