When moving interstate, you need to be able to really depend on your removalist. The removalist that you choose needs to have all the right equipment, vehicles, and staff to complete a safe furniture move over a long haul.

Moving can be a really stressful time. Not only do you have the stress of changing homes and buying or selling real estate, you also have to consider relocation and how you will manage in your new environment. Shifting interstate usually also comes with a new job and a whole world of other changes.

With all of this on your plate, the physical move is one issue that you shouldn’t be worrying about.

How should you choose an interstate removalist in Sydney?

There are a few things that you should consider when selecting an interstate removalist from Sydney. Firstly, you need a company that’s active and legitimate. You can do this by simply checking their website and reviews of their service. A removals company that has a good reputation online is the only way to go if you are moving interstate.

With an interstate removal from Sydney, make sure that you form a good impression of the removalist. Were they quick to supply a quote? Give them a call and see how you can relate to them. Read their website and make sure that they have the right values. You want to know that you’re working with a team that is young and fun, but also one that can get the job done.

When seeking a quote, ask lots of questions. Many companies will have a huge amount of variables when it comes to interstate removals from Sydney, but the company that you choose should be able to give you a transparent quote with all costs included.

What does my removalist need to know?

A standard interstate removalist from Sydney might assume you are moving household goods from one home to another. If you are a collector of fine china and you have a room full of breakables, you would be well advised to let your removalist know in advance.

Interstate removalists in Sydney may need to know well in advance of the time that you plan to move. Considering the longer time and additional resources required for the move, it would be great if you could give them as much notice as possible and book well in advance of the move.

If you do need to move interstate, you have enough on your plate without having to worry about the physical move. Holloway Removals are a Sydney based removalist company. We are a growing, friendly and fun team based in the eastern suburbs and servicing all of Sydney, as well as interstate moves. We also do office moves and offer secure storage services. So next time your thinking about storage or moving, give Holloway a call.