1. Can you tell us a bit about George and Smee?

Katie and I started the business over three years ago with a joint love of restoring furniture and collecting items from all around the globe! We initially hired out our collection of furniture and props, with the odd styling job, however, soon we realised we had a real eye for styling and florals.

We quickly took on more styling work and grew the floral side of the company. Now we have a team of stylists and in-house florists based in Bondi and we style weddings and corporate events, parties, and product launches all year round, giving each event flair with its own personalised story.

2. What are three words to describe the company?

Creative, dedicated, personalised.

3. What’s the biggest challenge for styling an event?

Often it can be the venue. If it has ugly furniture, a horrible carpet or bad lighting it can be difficult to completely transform but we love the challenge as well! Also, access to the building for load-ins and outs can be hard work. People often don’t realise all the bump in/bump out work and heavy lifting we have to do prior and post styling the event…like climbing a thousand stairs with a truck full of furniture!

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4. How did you find using Holloway’s storage warehouse?

Having our own warehouse with 24 hour access is incredible in our line of work as we are often bumping out late at night and early in the morning – so we can’t use places that have normal business hours. We thank Andy Holloway for making that happen for us! Also, the guys, Mani and Pedro, who often help us move large items or re-structure our pallet shelves for all props are the BEST! They are super efficient and always happy to assist!

5. Lastly, what is your top tip for styling any space?

Bring the outdoor in…we just love bringing natural greenery and florals into a space – it creates an amazing atmosphere and fills the room with amazing aromas also!

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Our thanks to Katie Smee and Georgina Van Hee for the interview. You can check out George and Smee’s amazing event styling at their website: georgeandsmee.com or contact them at hello@georgeandsmee.com