6 ways to keep your furniture safe during interstate furniture removals

During interstate removal services, you have to opt for certain things to keep furniture safe. Check out the ways to ensure a safe move in your case.

Are you about to move interstate? There’s a lot to think about and we understand that it can be a stressful time. Perhaps you’re leaving your family and friends and heading to an entirely different climate, or starting a new job in an unfamiliar city. And then there’s the issue of interstate furniture removal – how do you make sure that your precious furniture and keepsakes are not damaged during transportation?

Employing the services of a professional interstate furniture removals company should put your mind at ease, as they will remove most of the stress of the physical part of your move. You may still want to prepare for your move as much as possible to ensure that your belongings arrive in the best condition.

Here are six ways to keep your furniture safe during interstate furniture removal:

1. Use padding

Prevent dust and dents from ruining your furniture by placing padding over each item. Your removalist will be able to provide blankets or padding as part of their service, but you can supplement with old sheets and beach towels if necessary.

2. Protect wood and leather from the elements

Consider the effects of climate change on your furniture, particularly wood and leather. Changes in humidity can warp wooden items. For chests of drawers, it can be beneficial to keep textiles made from naturally absorbent fibre, such as cotton, in the drawers if storing them for long periods in a new location that is more humid.

Leather can crack due to weather conditions, as well as from general family usage. As leather gets older, it needs to be conditioned regularly using products such as leather balm and leather conditioner. Apply a good conditioner to your leather furniture before transporting your furniture interstate.

3. Pack fragile items the right away

When packaging fragile goods such as crockery and glassware, wrap each item individually in layers of butcher’s paper or bubble wrap. Avoid using newspaper as it can leave print on valuable items.

Ensure that fragile items such as mirrors and paintings are well covered in bubble wrap and are transported upright so there is no risk of heavy objects being placed on them leading to damage.

4. Carefully consider your strategy for bulky electrical goods

Don’t use empty freezers or fridges as extra storage containers – placing items inside for transportation could lead to damage and marking of shelves and linings. Ensure that all cords are securely tied up and taped to the body of the item.

5. Layer large boxes in the right way to keep contents safe

If placing multiple items into large boxes, ensure that the heaviest items are on the bottom, then carefully layer the rest of the box with lighter items. Fill spaces with clothing, linen and smaller, non-fragile items to avoid the contents shifting during transportation.

6. Unpack ASAP to reduce mould and mildew

After all that, we know you deserve a rest and you probably won’t want to think about unpacking until you’ve had a cold beer or a crisp glass of wine. It is a smart move to unpack your furniture from boxes and bags as soon as possible once you’ve arrived as this will help to avoid musty smells, mould and mildew affecting the contents.

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