When it comes time to pack up your home in preparation for the big move, there are some items that pack up easily. Clothing? No problem. Children’s toys? Easy.

But there are others that give any novice home packer pause, particularly large, bulky and strangely-shaped objects. Here is a list of common household items that can be awkward to pack – and how to get it right.

Large Screen TV’s

The size of the average family’s television has grown exponentially in recent years and requires specialized and careful packing and transport.

Best case scenario is this; you anticipated the need to move your tv and saved the original box and packaging. This is ideal because both the box and packing material are made to fit your television like a glove.

If you’re guilty of tossing the box, you’re not alone. Few people have the forethought or extra space to store such an unwieldy piece of packing material. If your OG box is long gone, carefully wrap the base and screen of your tv with a moving blanket and secure in place using heavy-duty tape.

When loading the television for transport, make sure it goes on top of the load and lays face up to avoid damaging the screen.

Potted Plants

Large potted houseplants and trees are one of those items many homeowners forget about until the day of the move.

Wrap plant pots with a heavy blanket. Cover the plant or tree with an old sheet to protect limbs and branches from damage during transport. When placing pots in your moving vehicle, set them snug against one another in a cardboard box to minimize the mess.

If you are using a professional removalist company, it is important to contact them prior to your moving date to confirm they will move potted plants – some have a strict no-plant policy.

Mirrors and Framed Art

Breakables like mirrors and framed art are at the top of the list of awkward items when it comes time to move.

Make sure you invest in heavy-duty boxes that are slightly larger than the pieces going in them.

Use packing tape to place an “X” across the mirror and frame glass. This will help contain any shattered pieces, should the worst occur. Wrap the frames and mirrors in packing paper then in bubble wrap.

Carefully slide the mirrors and frames into a box that has been lined with paper for cushioning. Slide them in so they sit vertically, which reduces the chance of breakage. Close the box and tape shut.

Floor Lamps

First things first – remove the bulb. If the lamp can be disassembled, take it apart and carefully wrap the pieces in soft cloth or bubble wrap. Place all of the pieces in the same cardboard box, which makes reassembly infinitely easier.

If your lamp does not come apart, wrap the entire piece in bubble wrap and place in a tall box (you can find boxes specially designed for floor lamps at your local moving supply store).


Once the chandelier is removed from the ceiling, remove all detachable pieces. Keep track of any screws or hooks so they’ll be readily available when you put it back together.

Remove all bulbs and wrap all crystals, chains and lamp shades with packing paper or bubble wrap. Wrap the chandelier base the same way, making sure each arm is completely covered.

Use a heavy-duty box slightly larger than the chandelier and line the base with a piece of foam. Carefully lay the chandelier base in the box, followed by all of the wrapped accessories. Fill any open space with packing paper and don’t forget to include the collection of screws and wires (place them in an envelope or resealable plastic bag so they’re easy to find).


Once drained, an aquarium is essentially a glass box and must be handled with care.

Again, you’re going to need a heavy cardboard box slightly larger than the aquarium itself. Line the bottom of the box with packing paper, bubble wrap or foam and gently place the aquarium on top.

Fill the both the aquarium itself and the space between it and the walls of the box with packing paper or bubble wrap. Tape up your box and make sure to write “FRAGILE” on all sides.

With a little forethought and preparation, you’ll be able to pack the trickiest of household items.


If you’d prefer to leave the effort and hassle to professionals, we hope you’ll consider Holloway Removalists for all of your packing and moving needs. We are happy to create a custom estimate for every service you want and nothing you don’t.

After all, it’s your move.