Moving interstate is quite a different process than moving locally. There are many more factors to be considered when you are moving interstate. You will need to conduct extensive research about your new state, including which suburbs are the best to live in, and which schools will best suit your kids. You will need to decide what packaging methods you will use to ensure your belongings are safe on their journey. Most importantly, you will need to find reliable and trustworthy Sydney removalists to aid you in your transition interstate. If you are moving interstate, you need to be aware of your options and decide on a suitable means of moving your belongings and furniture.

Hiring a truck and moving yourself

While this option is usually very cheap, ┬áit is not a very logical idea. While it may seem like a good idea to save some money by getting some friends or family together, by hiring a truck and conducting the move yourself, there are many risks to consider. Firstly, driving a removal truck is more difficult than the transport you are used to driving, which can make for a turbulent ride, especially when you are moving to an area new to you. Secondly, moving large boxes and furniture is physically demanding and can result in injury if people aren’t properly trained in safely shifting heavy objects. Thirdly, if you do not pack the back of the truck appropriately, you can end up damaging your belongings during the transportation process.

Transporting via backloading

It is possible to save money by using a process called backloading. Backloading refers to a situation where a removal company transports the belongings of several customers at the same time, in the same transport. While you may save money, you are unable to secure preferential or priority delivery times, as they will deliver when convenient to them. Often the companies that rely on backloading are less reliable and reputable. There is also the added danger that your belongings can become mixed up with those of others, or worse still can become lost or misplaced, which can be extremely inconvenient and stressful.

Using reputable Sydney removalists

The safest option is to use a longstanding, reputable removalist company that specialises in moving interstate. While they may cost a little extra, these companies will ensure that your move interstate is as painless and stress-free as possible. Specialist removalist companies, such as Holloway Removals, contain a network of service locations throughout Australia and are experienced in all moving needs. If you are moving interstate from Sydney or surrounding suburbs, consider using professional Sydney removalists to ensure your belongings are delivered in a timely, safe and secure manner.